Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Great Kitchen Show-Off!

That cutey-patootie Vanessa over at Last Night's Leftovers had this great idea for all of us food bloggers to get together and show off our kitchens. Time to see where all of that deeeeelish food comes from!!

Funny enough I randomly took some photos of our house just last week before my house guest arrived so I can actually participate in this show-off. Had I procrastinated on the picture taking as per my usual method of operation, I wouldn't have these photos due to the loss of my camera (are you getting sick of hearing about that yet?).

Anyway, on with the show!!

This is the first home I've owned. We moved in January 2008. We looked at a dozen houses in one day (haha, military house hunting trip), this was the third house we saw and we knew this was it by the time we got to the sixth one. It's a little smaller than we had originally hoped, but the basic amenities are exactly what we needed. I gave up a bit of kitchen space and FH gave up rec room space. Fair is fair.

Bi0nic Kitchen 001

We LOVE the paint and the flooring. 12 x 12 terracotta tiles, which the previous owners matched with a terracotta paint. Even though it's got a couple of dings, we won't be changing it anytime soon. Funny enough, they actually had exactly the same dining set so we knew how great our set would look here.

Bi0nic Kitchen 004

The downside is counter and cupboard space. I know it looks like a lot of cupboards, but honestly they are all odd sizes and don't accommodate our dishes and glassware very well at all. All of our plates, bowls, etc are in that glass fronted cupboard because it's the only top cupboard that is deep enough. Forces me to keep things tidy though. Thankfully we got the sellers to include their pantry with the house and that houses ALL of our dried goods (except spices which are in the skinny cupboard to the left of the stove).

Bi0nic Kitchen 003

As for counter space, all of the chopping/prepping action happens in that corner space. It's the only area conducive to working with the stove. The big area under the microwave is annoying because of how the microwave shelf sticks out. I do use my Cuisinart Griddler there though!

Bi0nic Kitchen 002

Oh, I wanted to jump on the Kitchen Aid bandwagon too!! Several years ago an ex-bf bought me the blue stand mixer...you can see it perched atop the pantry (with a stuffed lobster hanging out!). I never use it. I find it cumbersome when I'm just throwing together cookies or muffins. But it sure is pretty!!

And last but not least...what I would love to have....dark cupboards, stainless appliances, granite countertops. Not much, eh? :)

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Angie All The Way said...

It looks great in person too! The terracotta is a great contrast to your next room I remember :-)

I forgot to include what my dream kitchen would be, but I came down with the flu last night so just getting the post done was a miracle! (no it's not swine flu, it's the stomach flu hubby had last week!)

Amber said...

Great kitchen! I love the bright walls!

Vanessa said...

I am SO jealous of all of these Kitchen Aid mixers! Someday when I am out of my apartment and have a kitchen that will do it justice I will buy one ;).

I love your wall colors...and your fruit tray!

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I definitely love the walls!!!!!

Jen said...

SO Cute!!! I love your kitchen!!!

I absolutely adore my kitchen aid mixer!!! I have to keep it on the counter though - otherwise I wouldn't use it so much (it's so heavy, right??!)

I love the little stand-alone pantry! It's great that they left it!! EVERYBODY needs a pantry!

eurydice said...

You should sell your mixer if you don't use it! Just think of what else you could buy....

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

It's beautiful! And oh so clean! Mine's a disaster :(

Shirls said...

I"d be so scared to put my heavy mixer up so high, it is typically me to grab something high and promptly drop it on my head! LOL

I too would love some granite!

Lynn said...

I love your colors too :)

Krista "Phoenix" said...

I am loving the BiOnic Kitchen! :)