Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Earned Those Mashed Potatoes

At 5:36 I was still on my work conference call. Yes, the one that started a 2:00. Some weeks those sales boys can talk and talk and talk. It's tougher on me because I'm on Atlantic Time and always itching to get off the call by 4:00 so I can finish up my work and be off at a reasonable time. I think they forget because they are all on Pacific Time. I don't like to whine too much, but today I finally said I had to go. Gah.

I ate my afternoon snack while on the call. Dried fruits I picked up at Bulk Barn yesterday and my favorite Kashi bar.

So that made me pretty late for my after work plans. Thankfully we didn't have to run that errand for the baby gift because FH isn't going to see his work friend tomorrow anyway. I'll get the gift this weekend. But I still wanted to get to the gym and make our yummy dinner.


me: stomp down the stairs. "honey, did you eat a big lunch?"
fh: "yes, why?"
me: "cuz i'm not feeding you until like 7:30."
fh: "ok, why?"
me: "cuz i'm not letting stupid work stop me from earning my mashed potatoes!"
fh: *puzzled look*
me: "i need to go to the gym and burn some calories!"
fh: *thinking*..."ok, nutjob" actually says..."ok, sure"


So I squished in 20 more minutes of work, changed my clothes, and ran out the door. Had to shorten my planned 45 mins to 25 mins of cardio, but it's all good.

Treadmill: 5 minute warm up, 4 x 4:1 intervals = 25 minutes
+ crunches on the ball x 3 sets
+ hamstring curls on the ball x 1 set
+ 2 x 30 sec plank
+ Eurydice's bum exercises x 1 set (yaaaaieeeee I did them without hurting my bum bone!)

Then raced home to make a scrumptious, comfort food dinner. Admittedly, I cheated on the's a package of Swiss Chalet mix. But those mashed taters are all me man! Yukon Gold potatoes, smidge of real butter, hot milk, and good wrist power. We need a better masher though.

Don't you just love our fancy gravy boat?

Now I've had my shower and I'm ready to collapse. I see a bit of laying on the couch now. :) Pin It


Julie said...

Your dinner looks really good!

I think you really deserved those mashed potatoes!

Cat_82 said...


You're a freaking rock star with the gym girly!! You TOTALLY earned your mashed potatoes!!

I LOVE my love love.

Natalie said...

You inspire me! I love how you "earn" your mashed potatoes. Good on ya!