Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm Punishing Myself

Not many of you would know this, but as a rule I am an incredibly tidy person. I'm organized, I like things in their place, I put things back where I got them pretty much right after use. Our bedroom is the only room I really let go...and even that's really just laundry on the floor that I pick up every day or two anyway. Living with FH I've definitely relaxed because he's not near as concerned about things as I am, and I was going to drive myself around the bend trying to keep up. My heart still races when I see him drop his socks on the floor right after I've cleaned...but really they are socks...what harm are they doing?! It DOES drive me super insane that he still doesn't know where a large majority of our dishes's like hide n seek after he empties the dishwasher!


The major exception to my anal tidyness is my office. Ever since I started working at home my office has slowly become a dumping ground. It's especially bad now that I have a dedicated room for this. I used to be sooooo on top of my personal filing, it was ridiculous. Now, I just have heaps of paperwork piled all over or hiding in drawers and it's a nightmare. For the fourth year in a row I am scrambling to get my tax paperwork together because I didn't organize it as I went. Argh. Each year I start out with great intentions, but for some reason my tidy gene just doesn't visit this room.

So, here's what I've started me, you can't really see how bad the paperwork situation is. There's a small pile on the desk, and medium pile on the file cabinet AND on the friggin floor. Inside that filing cabinet is a scary mess.....just one gigantic heap. Gulp.

I just spent about an hour & and a half clearing the desk, rewriting all of my little notes either onto one big note or into proper documents on my computer. All of my mail is ready to go, the recipes have been put back where they belong, the paid bills moved, my work "to-do" list written. Next up I have to take those big stacks of paper and pull out everything that isn't 2008. Thankfully most of the 2009 stuff should be in that one main pile on top of the filing cabinet....I hope.

Procrastination gets you nowhere. So now you know how I'm spending my Easter long weekend. I brought it on myself. Easter candy rewards will be had each time I get through a major task. Like right now I get a treat because I finished the desk (right down to the Windexing!). Easter Smarties are in my future. :)
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