Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Impromptu Road Trip

So yesterday wound up being a whopping 29*!! Fabulously sunny. And it stayed that way all day. Seriously people, we rarely get days that warm even during actual Summer so to get a random Spring Tuesday like that is very exciting.

Of course, most of us were stuck inside working. Booooo.

I did get out for a trip to the chiropractor though. Sunroof open, tunes on. First time I've been excited that my chiro office moved an additional 10 minutes away. I will take the 20 minute drive on a day like yesterday. :) After my appointment, I decided that since I was already 3/4 of the way to Bedford (neighboring town) that I should head there to Pete's Frootique for a few fresh veggies. Well, it ended up being a long trip because traffic was almost at a STANDSTILL. I thought there would be an accident up the road or something, but nope...just slow traffic. Oh well, fun in the sun...even if I was in the car. After shopping I decided I'd better go the other way to get home since I still had a ton of work to do and I'd been gone for a while but I don't go that way very often and I missed my exit! (In all fairness, everything is a bit confusing and the signage isn't great....or at least that's the story I'm sticking with!). So I had an extra 10 minute drive to the next exit where I could get off the highway and turn around. Whooops. :)

So due to my little adventure I had to work a bit late to make sure I was all caught up. I had a lot of little things hanging around from last week since I wasn't working full time while Tiffaney was here. I think I'm on top of it all now though.

I ended up heading for the gym around 6:30. It was still sooooo warm out! My workout was good but not as good as they were pre-hiatus. Hopefully I can get back on that running groove I was on! I want my 21 minutes back! :)

Treadmill: 2 minute walking warm-up, 8 min run, 2 x 4 min run (1 minute walking in between), finished with a full 5 minute walking cooldown (25 minutes, 1.78 miles, 210 cals)

Abs: 3 sets of... 15 regular crunches, 15 reverse crunches, 15 v-sits, 30 second plank, 15 second sideplanks (each side), 15 hamstring curls on the ball

I was wiped. Back this evening for a better run and upper body strength.

Yesterday's eats were really good until late evening...

- coffee x 2
- tuna melts (1/2 can tuna, squirt light mayo, green onion & pickles on fresh 7 grain bread, topped with light cheddar and broiled) w/ pickles and baby carrots
- lemon Liberte yogurt & chopped strawberries
- small bowl Kashi Crunch w/ vanilla hemp milk
- post-gym: chocolate soy milk drink box
- scrambled eggs w/ mushrooms & brocolli, side of roasted brussel sprouts, multigrain Tostitos & salsa
- small slice 7 grain bread w/ White Chocolate PB, grapes
- damn Dairy Milk chocolate bar Pin It


eurydice said...

sounds like a good day, except for the traffic. how is the white chocolate pb?

Angie All The Way said...

I was just about to ask what you thought of the white chocolate pb too! lol Spill woman, spill! lol

I like the new blog name!

Bi0nicw0man said...

I'm gonna try the PB a few more times before I review. So far, I like the texture but the taste is nothing to write home about. I really wanted the Cinnamon Raisin!!

Marissa said...

My personal favorite is the dark chocolate dreams pb...liquid reese's peanut butter cups.