Thursday, April 02, 2009

Late Arrival's already almost lunch time and here I am just showing up now with my morning post. Busy morning!

Got up early to drive FH to work, hit the gym, got a Starbucks, started work early, had lots to do, Mom called, chatted too long, more work to do....yikes! I haven't even had my shower yet...ewwwww! ;) So here's the quick and dirty morning report....

Treadmill: 25 minute power walking, changed speeds and/or incline every two minutes. Didn't travel quite as far as running but burned almost the exact same number of calories.
+ tricep pulldowns, bicep curls, shoulder presses x 3 sets

Morning treat: Starbucks double-tall vanilla non-fat latte. It's been a while. Yummy!

Late breakfast: While chatting with Mom on the phone I made a quick piece of sunflower flax toast topped with almond butter, sliced 1/2 banana & honey drizzle. Along with more coffee!

I'll work for 20 more minutes, then make lunch and get another cuppa coffee.

Today's eats...

- pre-gym: 1/2 Larabar (apple pie)
- latte
- toast w/ almond butter & naners, coffee
- leftover soup, hummus & veggie wrap
- plum, Kashi bar
- grilled steaks, asparagus, leftover mashed taters
- strawberries & canteloupe
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Lynn said...

Love that you're food blogging! :) I always find it so interesting to see whatever else eats!

Sharon said...

I love your eats. I really need to try a larabar!

Krista "Phoenix" said...

you have the cutest mugs!!! I'm a big fan of the banana's on toast, had it with pb before, never with ab though... or with honey for that matter... hmmmmm

Melinda said...

I love larabars and Starbucks too- the perfect snack!