Thursday, April 02, 2009

Short Notice

Poor FH was informed by work yesterday that they are sailing this weekend. Hey, thanks for the notice! So no fun Friday night pre-birthday dinner plans for us. Boooooo. He doesn't even know when he'll be back....they "hope" Saturday night, but he's betting on Sunday or possibly Monday. I will have to think of a little something fun for Monday evening, since that's his actual bday anyway. Silly Navy!

I had lunch right after my last post. The leftovers of that bland black bean soup from yesterday (which I accidentally overheated in the microwave, causing beans to pop and make a big mess!) and another yummy hummus and veggie wrap. Delish! (well, the wrap...not so much the soup). At the last minute I threw a handful of Riceworks Salsa Verde chips on the plate too. Yummy.

After a few more hours of work I needed to look at something other than the computer so I heated up a forgotten cup of coffee to have with my afternoon snackie. I put out a glass of water too because I've been sorely lacking in the hydrating department the last couple of days. I perused that Home Depot mini-catalogue, dreaming of sunny days on the deck and remodelling our bathroom. :) Unfortunately that plum was not good...mealy...blech.

Now back to work... training to do to cover for one of our marketing guys...ahhhhhhh! Pin It


Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your FH leaving again :(

Those are my fav's riceworks!

Lynn said...

Silly Navy is right, that's not a lot of notice at all :(