Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is NOT the weather we are looking for!

Seriously people, what happened to the sunshine? Halifax is currently under a deluge of sideways rain. Not exactly the kind of weather I wanted for showing my girl Tiffaney the beautiful sights of Nova Scotia. Thankfully she likes to shop, so we checked out one mall yesterday and it looks as though mall #2 will be on the agenda for today!

When I picked her up from the airport yesterday morning I enjoyed a medium coffee with only one cream and no sugar. No photo, but you've all seen a Tim Horton's cup before (well, the Canadians have!). We then proceeded to the "must-try" Cora's for a yummy breakfast.

I opted for Theo's Veggie Omelette (sans yucky green peppers) and Tiff decided to try a crepe because that's what they are famous for. She got the Raspberry 4 Lucie was so cute, like a juicy crepe present! I ate about 1/2 my omelette, 1/2 the spuds, and the fruit. Skipped the toast, but did have THREE cups of coffee with milk (they are little cups!).
Came home for Tiff to unwind from her flight and wash the travelling off of her. I have to work this week, so crammed in a couple of hours while she snoozed. Of course, the weather turned south about 20 minutes before we walked out the door. So we did some driving around downtown, then over the bridge for the city view, then to the mall. This is where Taco Bell somehow called my name. (and that's all I'm saying about that!)

Later, after we got home and I worked some more, I made up a couple more of those wicked salads like I made the other night. Mixed greens, tomatoes, chunked avocado, cucumber, strawberries marinated in balsamic, light cheddar...all tossed with honey/olive oil/lemon. Served with the lemon dill hummus and a handful of multigrain Tostitos. Deeeeeelish. She said she LOVED it! :)

(So see, although there may have been a disgusting fries supreme on today's menu....I managed to work it all in and keep it balanced otherwise....)

We then spent the next four hours on the edge of our seats watching the VANCOUVER CANUCKS SWEEP THE SERIES. Gooooo Canucks!!! (I haven't watched any hockey since I left Victoria...and it was so fun to get into the game...even if overtime kept me up til 1am!) I bet Cat was dancing in the streets with the other Vancouverites!
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Julie said...

Now I am craving crappy fries supreme...

Is Cora's a maritime thing???

The weather here in Moncton is the same sideway rain, it sucks big time.

Krista "Phoenix" said...

haha, as a Vancouverite I am obliged to say "go Canucks" truth is I'm sooooo not a hockey fan, unless I'm trying desperately in a final attempt to fall asleep during insomnia! LOL!

Strawberries marinated in balsamic, that sounds AWESOME! I get the best ideas from you, thanks for being so creative and inspiring!

Cat_82 said...

GO CANUCKS!!!! I'm so glad you watched and enjoyed it too....I was dancing around my apartment for sure!!

You should see the papers and the news!! People running Robson street with brooms! SWWWEEEEPPPP!!!

tash said...

That omelet looks so good I am going to make one for dinner!

JavaChick said...

I usually go for the waffles at Cora's, but I've had the Raspberry 4 Lucie and it is yummy!

Shirls said...

so I was looking through the hike pictures posted in a few places and I have to say, my god girl you are skinny! I don't think I've seen a full picture of you in some time and I honestly was stunned by just how skinny you are in the hiking pictures, your amazing girl and I'm in awe of you :0)