Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just noticed I didn't put a title on my morning post. Ah well, I'm not going back now. :)

I did it!!! I surpassed yesterday's friggin awesome milestone and hit yet another new friggin fantastic running goal today. 18 MINUTES!!! Seriously people, this is AMAZING. Last year, when I started running (using Couch 2 5K) I got stuck at 11 minutes and couldn't get past it. I eventually gave up and just started mixing things up with intervals, the elliptical, etc. Over the last couple of months you guys have seen how I mainly just do 4:1's or 5:1's or something like that....then yesterday because I was short on time I just went for it, and it was effortless. Today was the same....the only thing that stopped me was thirst (I still haven't mastered not spilling water on myself while running) and the fact that I didn't have more time to spare. I was going for 20 minutes, but I wanted a 2 minute cooldown before the treadmill shut itself off (stupid gym time limiters!).


I'm so proud. I hope I can keep it up. Next up, 20 minutes!!!

As an aside...unlike most of you crazy runners....I like the treadmill.....but I do promise to try taking it outside this year. We shall see.

After my run I did some lower body strength exercises:

3 sets of 12 reps: squats with 15 pound bar
3 sets of 12 reps: stationary lunges with 15 pound bar (each leg)
3 sets of 24: up and overs on the bosu

And some abs of course: 15 regular crunches, 15 reverse crunches, 15 v-crunches

My tailbone is still sore and I can feel it during the squats and v-crunches, but I'm determined just to forget about it and move on.

On the way to the gym I had half of a Cinnamon Roll Larabar to get me through my workout (sorry no pic, but you know what they look like!) and then promptly shoveled back the second half the minute I got out of the gym. I was shakey famished.

Immediately upon returning home I made lunch. Turkey wraps with light herby cream cheese, spinach and carrots on small ww tortillas. With pickles and garlicy olives. I ate it so fast I barely tasted it!

And the pièce de résistance!!! This decadent organic pain au chocolate I picked up at Planet Organic (I was looking specifically for Coconut Larabars but of course they didn't have any so instead I got sucked in by the fresh baked croissant). I earned every bite and I can't wait to devour it!

My afternoon will consist of work, shower, work, make spinach dip, work, more laundry, get ready for book club, get the idea. *sigh
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Lynn said...

18 mins is AWESOME, I remember how great it felt when I first started running!

I was planning to go to PO tonight for those Coconut Larabars but now I won't, thanks!

Marissa said...

Way to go on running for 18 minutes!! That's awesome!

eurydice said...

congrats on your long run! i found as soon as i could go for 30 minutes a few times i could go forever... it's like a hurdle and when you jump over it you are freeeeeeeee!

Amy said...

Kickass run!

farm girl. said...

whoot whoot! you'll be kicking me arse all the way up the trail on saturday!

Angie All The Way said...

WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! You are soooo reaching new heights!!! So proud of ya girl!! That's a yummy treat well deserved!