Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom

Ha! That was a segment on The View today which was on the TV at the gym. I have no idea what it was about because I actually hate The View and I didn't have the sound hooked up, but I thought the name was funny. I think it had to do with magic or something.

Ziiiiiiing Zannnnng Zooooooooom ;)
So holy moly, where have I been?!! Nutso busy that's where. If I don't post for over 24 hours I'm either deathly ill, on vacation, or actually working my ass off.

A whole lot going on so I will recap with bullets and photos....
  • realized I totally didn't post breakfast yesterday, so here it is
  • microwaved egg white w/ white cheddar & salsa on 1/2 english muffin
  • other 1/2 of muffin w/ pb and honey (helloooo Mr Honeybear!)
  • dish of grapes

  • ended up working late so made dinner right away (so much for the gym!)
  • pork tenderloin that I marinated days ago and froze so I have no idea what the marinade was...something with grainy dijon
  • it looks like a poop log on the baking sheet (ewwww, but it does!!)
  • with some cubed sweet potatoes, and a big ol' salad
  • some Kashi crackers and hummus while I waited
        there may have been some pilfering of two Easter cookies from the gift plate (it's not my fault FH got sick and we never saw those friends as planned!)
  • I need cookies when I work an extra 4 hours, it's only fair right?
  • I slept through my alarm this morning and woke up about 45 minutes later than planned
  • had somewhere to be! so slapped together this oddball sammich on my way out the door
  • ww baguette toasted with pb, honey & sliced strawberries
  • good concept, bad execution...bread was pretty hard
  • pink coffee cup theme, first cup guzzled at home, second in the car
        • wound up with an hour to kill after my appointments so HIT THE GYM!
        • enjoyed this Lemon Larabar so I wouldn't pass out at said gym

          • Ran for a straight FIFTEEN MINUTES on the treadmill today....personal record...seriously mentally high fiving myself and grinning like a fool.

          • would have kept going had I not had to work...stupid work!
          • with only 10 minutes to spare when I got home before dreaded Wednesday conference call I whipped up a salad with lots of proteiny-goodness

    • call lasted almost 4 hours today...I told you my sales team is trying to kill me
    • more Kashi crackers and hummus to tide me over until dinner
    • Are you getting bored yet? We are in the home stretch, I promise.
    • worked late AGAIN, but thankfully I had to go for a wax so I was saved from the pain by the pain.
    • made for a very late dinner...thank God for leftovers.
    • roasted up some friggin tasty carrots & zucchini to go with the pork & sweet pots

    • then more work and here I am!!
    • there may have been an unphotographed choco PB oat bar from the freezer for dessert....deeeeeelish!
    • I will have you know I skipped my yoga tonight in order to blog...I know where my priorities lie. :)

    This was the most painful post to post!! Blogger will not let me fix those oddball bullets and I have no idea why some of the photos are out of alignment. Gah! Oh well....enjoy!!


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    Krista "Phoenix" said...

    what IS with blogger today? I had a hell of a time with it, especially when I tried to post pics, it wouldn't let me rearrange them in order!!! Oh well.

    Your roasted tender-poop sounds good actually! grainy mustard... hmmm will have to try!

    Angie All The Way said...

    Mmmmm poooop looog..


    I've got a salad like that in today's lunch AND hummus AND I had an Ezekiel english muffin with microwaved egg whites and coooffeeee. We're sisters from another mister! lol

    eurydice said...

    hahaha before i read the words i thought to myself, "what is up with that poop log!?"