Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Ha. Foiled by my computer (Internet froze). Foiled by traffic (two construction zones). Foiled by work (additional work came in). Hmmmmm...so I'm revising the plan a bit.
Skipping the walk around the neighborhood...mainly because of time constraints, but also due to yucky cold weather. Lame. So I am now going to warm yoga for sure. Work will have to wait!

My errands didn't quite work out the way I had planned either. One of the main things I needed to do was stop at Shopper's Drug Mart to print out some photos. I have a little project to get done and wanted to finish it before I go away this weekend. Of course, there are only two of those self-print stations so while I was waiting for one to open up I "had" to browse around. Wouldn't you know it, they had a bunch of sale stuff...bwahaha.

All this was only $13. Nice. I didn't even use my Kashi granola bar coupon because these were on sale. I'll save it for when I can't get a good deal. :) Those Nature Valley bars are for old times sake...they are the less-healthy type of granola bar for sure...but I love those crunchy ones once in a while and I haven't bought them in a couple of years.

I cracked into the little bag of rice cakes in the car because I forgot to make a snack before I went out. Chocolatey good. :) Loving the Nativa Organic Products.

So anyway, those photo booths still hadn't opened up and I had more than used up my alloted time for errands so I had to leave. Came home for leftover Greek salad with the last broken bits of FSTG multigrain chips and threw in a couple of Grissel crackers to dip in the rest of my hummus.

Continuing to plod through my to-do list, and hopefully by bedtime I'll be caught up. Totally looking forward to warm yoga soon!
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Rebecca said...

I hate those photo station thingys! I am an order online kind of girl! Food looks yummy!

Sarah said...

I've never seen those chocolate rice cakes, I'll have to search. I also love the Nativa stuff. Hope you get your photos printed soon!