Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog a little, Talk a little

So…I’m on a conference call for work right now…however I am just a “listening participant” so we’ll see if I can blog at the same time!

The hunger continues…so I will admit to snack-snack-snacking my way through the day.  I know this is dumb because it won’t make me feel better, but it was sure fun!

After lunch FH called for an early ride home, so I munched a Kashi bar in the car (no photo…too busy eating and driving!).

On the way home, we stopped at Planet Organic so I could pick up some coconut Liberte yogurt (they seem to be the only place that sells that flavor) and I was going to stock up on yummy Larabars…but yet AGAIN they are sold out of Coconut Cream Pie…and after only one week they are sold out of Peanut Butter Cookie already too! 

Dear Lara,

Please make Coconut and PB more readily available.

Much Love,

Larabar Lovers of Eastern Canada

Instead I picked up a couple of Kind bars.  I’ve been seeing them around the blogosphere lately and was excited to see them available here.

Of course I had to dive into one as soon as I got home!  Almond & Coconut.  It was very tasty, however…does anyone know if these are supposed to be hard?  I expected it to be chewy or at least soft…but it was really hard and overly crunchy.  Hard on my teeth!


Oh…and more Starbucks today!  They got my Iced Coffee with Non-Fat Milk correct this time!  Yummmm.


And now an actual meal!  A variation on chicken taco salad.  I mixed up a batch of the filling we use in our Baked Chicken Rollups (chicken breast, navy beans, light cheddar, salsa, & seasoning) and served it atop a tossed salad.  I used organic tortilla chips to scoop mine up…FH crushed his chips right in.  Deeeeeeeeeelish.


And now while I blog I’m drinking some decaf tea while I listen to my call…so far so good!

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Bec said...

I agree we need more PB bars in Ontario too!

Cat_82 said...

I'll look for PB and coconut here and bring you some if I find them.....

Je heart you!

Julie said...

I'm sure I could find you some here and ship them or wait until I go back to Hali. LOL!

Your taco looks soo good!

Angie All The Way said...

It has to be a matter of just picking and choosing which flavours to order when the stores carry them because if PO can get them, then so can Pete's and Sobeys etc., but they just friggin don't! Hmmmm maybe a few emails to these places are in order!