Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bottomless Pit

Morning all!  Sorry for the lack of post last night.  FH rented us a movie and I managed to doze off part of the way into it.  I guess that 7am wake-up call got me!  Of course, then when we went to bed neither of us could sleep. 

I was constantly feeling hungry yesterday.  Not boredom hungry, but that actually empty, hungry feeling you get at the back of your throat.  Does everyone get that, or is it just me?  So weird.  Even a short time after eating something, that feeling would return.  Maybe I have a little bug or something because my tummy wasn’t too happy last night either.  I blame the cheese plate on Sunday night!

Speaking of filling my face yesterday…

About an hour after lunch that hungry feeling came back so I had my afternoon snack.  I chose a Clif bar because I thought it would be more filling and satisfying.  Oatmeal Raisin Walnut…kinda like a really gooey cookie.  Yummm.  And a big glass of Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Ice Tea.

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I was hungry-ish AGAIN an hour later but forced myself to wait until dinner because I knew there was no way I was actually hungry.  (and before you ask, I was drinking water and it made it worse!)

For dinner we had a simple Summery meal.  I grilled up a couple of those awesome sundried tomato lean turkey sausages on the Griddler (we were gonna BBQ them but the weather got a little ugly at dinner time) and we ate em like hot dogs on toasty buns.  Served with tossed salad and some PC Organic potato chips.


Topped my dog with some light mayo, mustard, diced onion (good idea honey!) and a sprinkle of fresh parmesan.  Tasty!


During the movie I decided I should have a little snack (after I woke up from my impromptu nap!) so I wouldn’t have that hungry feeling when I went to bed.  My tummy was being overly sensitive so I opted for half of an apple with White Chocolate Wonderful and a little serving of trail mix.  It hit the spot OK, but there’s still something up with my poor tummy!


Mr. Stoopy came along for a little cuddle and photo opportunity!  He likes to maintain regular visibility on the blog!  :)


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eurydice said...

i think we all have those days! hi mr. stoopy.

Lainey said...

Cute kitty!

Sometimes I feel really hungry when it doesn't make any sense for me to be so. I think maybe it's a form of indigestion rather than actual hunger.

Apples and peanut butter together really upsets my stomach (doesn't take much with me, though). I can have them both separately, but together watch out.

I hope your tummy feels better soon!

dani31608 said...

Mr. Stoopy is adorable!

I get that "I'm starving!" feeling when the hormones are doing their monthly thing and/or when I'm upping my exercise intensity.

Hang in there!

ManoloMandi said...

I've had that back of throat hunger ALL WEEK (well since Sat or Sunday even). It's so annoying! I thought it was 'cause I was working out more, but I haven't done anything in 2 days and...yep, still there. Hopefully it's improving for you!