Thursday, May 28, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

It’s OK to eat cookies for breakfast once in a while, right?  bwahaha.

FH doesn’t have his course until this afternoon so we both took the opportunity for a “little” extra sleep this morning.  (ummm, except by “little” I accidentally managed to stay in bed until almost 10:30…oooops!)

We still haven’t picked up any crazy glue, so the coffee maker is still out of order *gasp*, but while I was in the shower FH snuck out and brought back another round of StarbucksWhat a guy!  Along with my venti black coffee (which I doctored up with some Demerara sugar and skim milk here at home) he presented me with two scrumptlicious chocorific cookies!


I ate my half of the chocolate chunk and a bite of the triple chocolate (I’m saving the rest for tomorrow or the weekend).  Twas deeeeeelish!  :)

Then the guilt set in so when my tummy rumbled for real food I decided healthy was the definite way to go.  I give you coconut Liberte yogurt with chopped kiwi and blackberries.  The coconut tastes just like pie I tell you!!


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Angie All The Way said...

No full fat liberte allowed in my house at the moment thankyouverymuch!

Lainey said...

That bowl of yogurt looks really, really good, and I don't even like yogurt that much. Or blackberries. Or kiwis. But it looks really good.

Lex said...

holy frig those blackberries and kiwi look like they compliment each other soooo well
that looks soo damn good I am drooling.... DROOLING i tell ya!

JavaChick said...

Wish I could find that coconut yogurt around here. :(