Friday, May 01, 2009

Comfort Food Friday

One word for the weather Blech. (It is excellent for helping to tame the tragic Halifax fire though. So sad...many homes completely close to home.)

My sleeping is completely out of whack. As most of you know, I always revert to crazy-night-owl mode when FH is away. I wind up reading or watching TV in bed and staying up far too late. Well, this week is way overboard. Up til 3am a couple of times, which then leads to sleeping in (hazard of working at home!) and then starts a vicious cycle. I'm hoping to rectify that this evening, but I'm not tired yet so we shall see.

Probably wasn't the best time for a day off from working out...maybe the activity would have tuckered me out? I took today off because I plan to hit the gym hard tomorrow. Time for a double long cardio workout and a good, hard full body strength training session. My goal is to push myself really hard....set some goals and stick to them. Raaawwwr! :)

Tonight I felt like some comforting warm soup, but nothing in the cupboard held any interest for me. Then I spotted a head of cauliflower that's been in my fridge all week. Yummmm.....cauliflower & cheese soup! Easy peasy and made enough for four tasty servings.

Today's winterific eats (cuz it feels like Winter...booooo)...

- coffee x 2
- oatmeal: oats, water,
vanilla hemp milk (almost finished this stuff), 1/2 banana, flax meal...topped with raisins, flax seeds, chocolate PB2, mini chocolate chips
Late July bite size pb sammich crackers
- strawberries & a heaping spoon of Liberte blackberry yogurt straight from the carton
- homemade cauliflower soup w/ 7 grain bread with real butter
- 1 Medjool date
- organic hot cocoa made with skim milk and some kind of treat from the kitchen
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Amber said...

I tend to stay up way later when the boyfriends out of town too!

Have a great workout tomorrow!

Amy said...

3am? You are a crazy woman!

So... I bought a new camera today. A Canon SD1100. Battery is currently charging. CAN'T WAIT!