Friday, May 22, 2009


Honestly, I’m so glad I’ve been showing you my yummy HEALTHY meals since I returned from BC because here is another recap from my trip that doesn’t fit the healthy balance concept of my blog!

But seriously.  Who among us can happen upon their first ever dedicated cupcake shop and not go in?  I love, love, love cupcakes and there was no stopping us!

Tiffaney and I happened upon this little shop while we were walking up Robson Street in Vancouver.  We had just spent 30 minutes on a Greyhound bus, 90 minutes on a ferry, and over an hour on two different Vancouver city buses…leaving us just one hour to shop/walk/eat before getting ready for the concert we were in the city for.

And then right there in front of us was Cupcakes!!

322  320

Tiffaney chose:

Sweet 16 – vanilla cupcake with pink vanilla butter cream frosting and pastel sprinkles


Red Velvet – red cocoa cake topped with cream cheese frosting and powdered sugar

So based on her choices I opted for:

Lemon Drop – lemon cupcake with lemon butter cream frosting and a lemon wedge candy


Donutella – not on the website – chocolate & vanilla marble cupcake with hazelnut butter cream frosting

We covered the bases on cupcakes flavors!

319 323324    

On the way back to the hotel we picked up a bottle of champagne to enjoy while getting ready.  What’s better for a girl’s night than champagne and cupcakes?!


We shared two before the show…deeeeeelish.  One after the show.  And yes, one for breakfast before we left the hotel.  :)

I am a vanilla girl all the way, so the Sweet 16 should have been my choice but that Lemon Drop was soooo fantastic that it may have squeaked out the winning spot for me.  Tiff was sold on the Red Velvet due to it’s thick and rich cream cheese icing.

Now if you are going to jump off the healthy wagon once in a while, THIS is the way to do it!

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Sarah said...

OMG those look yummy....

Amber said...

OMG, YUM! I am going to Van at the end of June and plan on going shopping on Robson, I will be looking for this cupcake shop!!!

Julie said...

I don't think you understand how freaking excited I would be in there. I love cupcakes!!!!!!!
Why don't we have a cupcake shop? That sucks!

Anonymous said...

I think we have 3 locations. Robson, Denman, and they just opened a new one near me, out by WhiteRock. We were just at the Robson store last Sunday, and picked up a box of mini cupcakes. Soooo yummy! A nice taste of each flavor. Oh, and I got the best gingerbread cookie ever!

-Tarilyn (Not sure why it's not letting me sign in....)