Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dandelion Love

It’s love/hate really. 

I’m loving the new weed removal tool I bought last week.

I’m hating having to use it a bazillion times.


When we got up this morning I made coffee for us and our overnight guests.  Due to too much booze last night, two folks declined the coffee…so more for me!  (yaya, I know I just said I’m supposed to be cutting back but I refuse to believe it’s an ulcer and I’m not in any pain…yet!)


For my breakfast (no one else was hungry…haha) I crumbled up one of my banana coconut oatmeal muffins and mixed it with a few scoops of Liberte coconut yogurt…deeeeelish.

060 061 

After my big bucket of weeds were dug out (took about an hour and barely made a dent!) I ran to the store for yeast.  I grabbed one of the oatmeal chocolate chip bars on my way out the door.


Then I came in to prep the pizza dough for tonight’s dinner (stay tuned…you are gonna LOVE this!) and then made myself a little lunch to keep me going for our walk in the park.


Salad contains: mixed lettuces, matchstick carrots, cauliflower, orange pepper, chickpeas, raisins, and sunflower seeds.  Drizzled with grapeseed oil and s&p.  Served with Mary’s crackers.

I love raisins in salad!

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1 comment:

Jen said...

Does Mary know you ate her crackers???

(sorry...I am a nerd...I know....)