Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

Q: How can you tell FH is home?

A: Every dinner includes MEAT! :)

As per usual, I totally winged it for the burger recipe. Often I like to use a Rachel Ray recipe for something different and fun…or at least for inspiration (that’s where my awesome turkey burgers came from!), but last night I just wanted some good old regular bbq’d burgers so I kept it simple.

In the mix:

1 lb lean ground beef

handful bread crumbs (mine were a bit stale, so I toasted them on a baking sheet in the oven…did the trick!)

1 egg

1 tiny onion, diced

1 large garlic clove, minced

Worchestershire sauce, Tobasco sauce, garlic powder, seasoning salt, Montreal steak spice (all to taste)

Remove your rings and get your hands in there! Mix until just combined, then form into patties. I made four…two for dinner, two for the freezer.

While FH cooked those up on the grill, I boiled up a couple of corn on the cob and set the table. I ended up deciding not to have a bun for my burger so I could enjoy some PC Organic potato chips instead. FH had a cheese slice, but I like bbq sauce on my burger patty.

On the plate I topped it with mustard and ketchup, and put my veggies on the side. For the corn I pulled out the real butter because margarine just isn’t the same!!

After dinner, FH had a nap and I actually took the time to do my hair…haha…for the first time this week. (I mean I actually blew it out straight instead of just going with the “natural” curly look…which actually requires a lot of product.) Then we headed to the theatre for Angels & Demons.

Three years ago, the first movie we saw as a “date” was Da Vinci Code so we wanted to see the sequel for old time’s sake. When we got there, the theatre was packed…but we knew there was another showing in another theatre about 15 minutes later so we went and found that one instead. Much more seating!

As if I hadn’t already had enough treats for the day, I wanted popcorn too! I went to the concession thinking about a big bucket, but in the end opted for the Kid’s Pack. What a great idea! I got the tiny Diet Coke that I like, and just enough popcorn for me. FH would rather have chocolate than popcorn, so he got the Kit Kat. Good deal all around!

IMG_0785 IMG_0783 IMG_0782

The movie was pretty good. It isn’t getting great reviews but we enjoyed it. :) What’s the best movie you’ve seen at the theatre lately? Mine is Wolverine…but I haven’t seen Star Trek yet.

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Christy said...

ditto for wolverine, I haven't seen star trek yet either though. Doubt I'll manage to drag Matt to that one ;)

Angie All The Way said...

Wolverine was awesome wasn't it?!

Acheiving balance truly is the only way to live a healthy life! That really is the ultimate goal for me :-)

Jen said...

HOLY I am so behind on posts!!!

Star Trek was my number 1 so far!! Now you will have to see it!!!!

I am BEYOND impressed that you dropped the bun for the chips AND you went for the kids are pretty amazing!!!