Friday, May 08, 2009

Excuse me, waiter? There's some risotto in my eggs!

And it's deeeeeeeeeelish! :)

Started my morning with a BIG cuppa coffee....I was up late last night fretting over my silly laptop and trying to get some work done since today is my last day to get caught up before my trip. Getting up this morning was not easy. My coffee and I decided to give the laptop one last boot-up this morning to see if maybe an overnight rest helped (ya right!) and we were met with another crazy screen...this time all black with some random characters. Lovely. Oh and it's still stuck in the boot loop. Shopping I will go.

Last night I kept a little serving of risotto and veggies out of the container I put in the freezer. I decided to make some scrambled egg whites and stir in the reheated leftovers. Bulked the eggs right up and tasted great. Mixed in a little salsa and light sour cream because that's what I do. Served with my second much needed cup of coffee.

Now I'm off to do the world's fastest computer shopping trip....hoping to keep the price down and the quality high. haha. Wish me luck!
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Jen said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you find something fantastic for a SUPER good price!!

marie said...

I was about to say "that's brave, putting that giant cup of coffee RIGHT on the laptop" but when it's already acting all nutso...

Good luck!