Saturday, May 23, 2009


Oh boy. How are any of us standing today?! :)

Last week I shot out a message to Angie and Lynn suggesting a girl’s night in since they were both having stressful weeks and it would be our chance to chat about the upcoming Blog Girls Toronto Get Together and to just unwind.

So last night the three of us got together with FOUR bottles of wine (one in the form of white sangria) and some healthy eats and treats.


Before long we were chatting up a storm and didn’t stop until somewhere after 3am! Had the girls not had to get up for previous engagements this morning, I’m pretty sure we might have pulled an all-nighter. As it was, poor Lynn had to be out the door around 8am and Angie followed by 9am. (I won’t mention that I slept until 10:30…ooops, just did! Sorry ladies!)

As with any gathering of food obsessed girls bloggers, the evening centered around the kitchen table. Lots of food, but all healthy and yummy! We all agreed to skip dinner so we could enjoy our snackfest and wine.


I made spinach dip with fresh veggies and organic corn tortilla chips and a fruit plate with a yogurt/PB2 dip (in honor of Angie and her devotion to PB2). I also made a white sangria which totally hit the spot on such a gloriously warm evening.

003 004 001 002

Lynn brought the fabulous cheeses and baguette. The whole wheat baguette was perfectly soft and lovely for spreading the soft cheese. Peppered brie. I think I ate half of it by myself! Plus herbed gouda, which had a sprinkling of caraway. Deeeelish.

010 013

Angie arrived with a grab bag of all kinds of things. Fresh organic strawberries and raspberries. OMG…so much better than the non-organics that are available right now. Two kinds of hummus. Maui-Wowie Skinny Sticks. My first try of these and they were awesome. She also brought dessert…Green & Black’s organic chocolate in Mayan Gold…dark chocolate with spiced orange. Soooo yummy with our wine!

009 012 020

And in true blogger girl fashion, we each contributed a Larabar to the table. The ever popular Coconut Cream from me, the recently returned to the market Peanut Butter Cookie from Lynn, and a Pecan Pie from Angie. Tonight, the PB took the prize since none of us had ever had it. Creamy deliciousness!


We chatted, drank, laughed, drank, giggled, and drank our way through the evening. Just as a girl’s night should be. Thanks for coming over ladies!!


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Jen said...

*laughs* you guys kill me!!! At least skinny chips is the only thing you are smoking!!!

ALL that food looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you guys had a blast!!!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Amazing eats and drinks ;)

What a fun time!

Amy said...

me = so friggin jealous.

Jealous in a good way.

Can you ladies give me a halifax hug sandwich in TO?

JavaChick said...

And to think - I spent the evening gardening and thought I was having a good time. Too bad I don't live in Halifax! Looks like you had a blast!

tash said...

What a great spread of food! I'm drooling looking at the pics!

Cat_82 said...

You guys are all so adorable! What a fun night!!

Lynn said...

I had an awesome time last night! Seriously, was a great time and I definitely needed it!

LOVE the pic of Ang smoking :)

Vanessa said...

Too much fun! I am jealous :)

David Showers said...

Your blog is so fun to read.

Come visit and inspire us on We need your energy!


Angie All The Way said...

hahaha yeah for a non-smoker I somehow manage to get a pic like that quite often! lol

HAD A BLAST! Thanks for having us over!!

eurydice said...

oooh fun times. wine + food makes for the best girls nights. i love the pb cookie larabar too, but the coconut cream pie is still the best (to me).