Thursday, May 21, 2009

I need an intervention!

A reality TV intervention!  No sooner did American Idol end and So You Think You Can Dance has started.  Good Lord!  You will all be happy to know that FH gets home on Sunday and the reality TV will be cut waaaaaaay back.

Before heading out to work in the yard, I grabbed two of these yummy “butterfly” cookies I bought at the Dollar Store of all places.  They remind me of these awesome cookies I used to get at an Italian cafe in Victoria (although I will say maybe a little stale tasting…but still yummy!).


But then my lawnmower still wouldn’t start.  I read the manual and my guess is dirty or dead sparkplug.  That sounds like a job for FH!  So until then we are the slackers on suburbia street that haven’t mowed our lawn.  Oh well!

Annoyed and in need of an outlet I changed my clothes, ate half a banana, and headed straight to the gym.  Awesome 20 minute run on the treadmill (sadly I swear I made it through the last 8 minutes watching a freaking Idol recap on the TVs…I told you I need an intervention!) with a quick 3 minute cooldown.  Followed up with upper body strength and abs.

3 sets of 15: tricep pulldowns (15lbs), bicep curls (25lbs), military presses (25lbs)

30 regular crunches

30 bicycle crunches

30 reverse crunches

2 x 30 sec side planks (1 each side)

I also sneaked a peek at a personal training session that was going on and learned a new type of pull-up I’m going to try next time.  (bwahaha…I love it when that happens…I’m still waiting to catch someone doing deadlifts properly)

The sunset was BEAUTIFUL on my way home.  When I got inside I tried to take a photo from my back deck, but the neighboring houses were blocking the actual sun. 

011 012

Dinner was a quick reheat of last night’s leftovers…meatballs and macaroni.  This time served with a side of steamed brocolli.



Dessert was a couple more of the butterfly cookies I snagged from the box before I got smart and put them away!

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Miz said...

I LAUGH that I too need a reality intervention and yet Ive never seen ONE EPISODE of Idol.

Im bravo.
all the way.
and it is getting BAAAAD.

tash said...

I HATE Idol - I'll stage your intervention :)