Thursday, May 07, 2009

If it's not one thing....'s another! Yes, I'm full of cliches lately. I finally got that whole camera thing sorted out (I think!) and now I'm having a computer MELTDOWN.

My laptop has been on it's last legs for a while, which is why I broke down not too long ago and bought a new desktop computer. But I still need my laptop for travel. I'm traveling this coming week... visiting friends and family, but I'm working the whole time too. So yesterday I decided I'd better clean up the laptop to get it all ready for the trip. Well...apparently it didn't like that idea.

It was processing very slowly, so I decided to just reformat the whole thing and start from scratch. Generally a fine idea, right? Except once it was all loaded up it decided not to recognize a bunch of it's own the wireless card (kind of important for an internet based job!!). So...blah blah blah...after much fiddling and frustration I decided just to reinstall again...but now it's saying some file is corrupt and wants me to fix it, but it won't boot properly for me to do a disk check! Actually it's stuck in a loop....starts to boot, then resets, starts to boot, then resets. Argh.

I had planned on replacing it later this year once my traveling and expenses were all out of the way (honestly I was hoping it would last forever!) is not a good time!! But I CANNOT leave here on Saturday without a working laptop set up for my work emails, I guess I'm going shopping tomorrow. Nothing like a last minute, impromptu shopping trip! Blah.

Sidebar: while doing some quick research I thought a netbook would be perfect...but they don't have DVD drives which is no fun! It's nice to be able to watch movies on a laptop when I travel. Too bad. Pin It

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Angie All The Way said...


I was going to suggest a netbook! They are the smaller ones aren't they? They are pretty well priced in comparison if you don't want one that has all the bells and whistles which it sounds like you don't really need since you have your home PC. If you really wanted to you could buy an external DVD drive perhaps? Then you can attach it if you needed to?