Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Little Late

Ooooooops, almost forgot I had to come back here again today now that I have a camera full of photos for you all. I know you are all just sitting there with baited breath waiting for your Google Reader to tell you I've posted! bwahaha.

After we spoke last, I....

- went for a 4km walk
- had dinner
- did two loads of laundry
- cleaned both bathrooms
- changed the kitty litter
- dusted and polished the living room furniture
- vacummed the whole house
- talked to my Mom on the phone for over two hours
- had a snack

Gah, and now only 15 minutes to get to bed on time!

It was a bit chilly and totally overcast today, which made perfect weather for working in the I decided it was also perfect weather for a walk. I felt guilty about missing yoga, but didn't feel like going to the gym. So I hit the BLT Trail.

Spring has only barely begun to arrive here.

I did meet this guy along the way.

and this little fellow.
and I'm pretty sure the lake must have beavers....I saw a lot of this kind of thing.

When I got home I was a hungry girl! It's times like this I'm glad to have leftovers in the fridge. Perfect night for a bowl of my homemade cauliflower & cheese soup, served with some garlic parmesan toast, and a tiny glass of white wine. Added the wedge of lemon to freshen it up.

Watched a little bit of 13 Going on 30...that's Jennifer Garner on the big screen.

While talking to Mom on our uber-long call I got snacky, so I cut up a gala apple and served it with a big scoop of White Chocolate Wonderful PB.

I tried to get a shot of how thick and ungreasy it is, but it's a little blurry. Still working on learning the new camera.
Now I'm off to bed like a good little girl...hopefully to fall asleep right away because I want to have a very productive work day tomorrow. The more productive I am, the more likely I can sneak off to Halifax Seed and look at fun lawn fixer-upper stuff! Oh, and sneak in a mid-day workout so I don't have to go along with the after work crowd. Night-night!
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Rebecca said...

Great pictures, that little cuddly dog is hilarious, what a fun thing to come across during a walk. Looks like you had an awesome day!

Lynn said...

Looks like you had a great day! I really want to check out that trail, maybe one afternoon a few of us can meet up and go for walk!

That soup looks awesome, you have a recipe to share? ;)

Angie All The Way said...


I'd love to hit any and every trail possible this summer. We should also do the one that the Bike and Bean is on too :-)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Lynn, I totally made the recipe up as I went along. Used the basics of the recipe from ESBM, then added some homemade cheese sauce to it at the end.

Angie, I'm all over that. I plan to take my bike in for a tune-up when we get back from TO.

Jen said...

Holy! I love how productive you are!! Seriously!! You got more done in a half day than I do in a week lately!!!

I am LOVING the picture quality of your new camera!!

(And I was able to order some of that PB...I can't wait!!)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Funny you like the pic quality, Jen because so far I'm not impressed. I find everything very dark compared to my old camera. Considering this one cost about $60 more I had higher expectations...I'm going to tough it out for the week but I'm seriously considering trading it for the one Amy got. (I looked at Canons but Future Shop had a crappy selection.)