Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little More on Track

Not quite as good as my last few weeks at home...but my meals were certainly more organized today. 

Mom made sure to have some cereal in the cupboard for me... Special K Vanilla Almond... so I had a serving of that with some skim milk for breakfast.  It's fun eating in a different kitchen with different dishes.  Like my mooooooooooo cow bowl?


Like daughter, like mother...see how she has fun Starbucks mugs too!


For lunch I dug around in her fridge and made myself a grilled sammich with Smart bread, deli turkey, cheddar, and fresh spinach.  Seasoned with some yellow mustard and s&p.  Served with some baby carrots and fresh snap peas we picked up at the grocery store yesterday.  The carrots were perfect!!

IMG_0202 IMG_0203

As a lunchtime fruity dessert I pulled out one of Mom's little Del Monte pink grapefruit cups.  Not the way I would normally buy fruit, but it's quick and easy and although it does have a little added sugar it's still only 100 calories and really tasty.


Mid-afternoon I introduced Mom to the infamous Liberte yogurt.  While at her local grocery store last night I found an entire section of the yogurt department dedicated to Liberte.  We picked up the Dulce de Leche...deeeeeeelish.  Served it up with a serving of Baked Cinnamon Riceworks....which I haven't had since I came on here and raved about them ages ago.  Yum.


Thanks to my simple and healthy little meals and snacks I decided to indulge for dinner (haha, dinners are all indulgences this week!).  We went to White Spot..a local tradition...I have to go there each time I'm home and I can't order anything other than the BC Burger!  (bacon, cheddar, triple-o sauce, tomatoes and lettuce)  Obviously with fries and their great creamy coleslaw




After dinner I met with my girl Christy for some girl talk and Starbucks.  She bought me a decaf tall non-fat vanilla latte and I enjoyed that with a sample wedge of chocolate chunk cookie.  :)

(and somehow we visited for like 3 hours and never took any damn pictures!!)

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Cat_82 said...

mmm.....BC burger!!! Such a tradition. Is White Spot not in Halifax? I didn't know it was a BC thing??

I love white spot fries...

Sounds like you're having fun. Too bad the weather decided to suck this week.....

Bi0nicw0man said...

Yup, it's a West Coast thing. Mostly lower mainland and island, but I think there's one in Calgary?