Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little tease...

Hi All!!

Safely landed in Victoria....only a half hour late. We were delayed in Calgary due to lightening strikes in the area, but once safe we were on our way. I took a few photos from the plane for those of you who have never made the flight. The Rocky Mountains and then the ocean views are pretty spectacular on a clear day.

My girl Tiffaney picked me up, we came right in to drop my stuff off and get freshened up, then went downtown to meet our friend Mikey for lunch. We went to this AWESOME local fresh fish place...Red Fish Blue Fish...where Mikey and I shared some BBQ salmon tacones and some grilled Ahi tuna tacones, as well as a huge dish of Curry Chips (fresh cut fries slathered in a red ketchupy curry sauce). Tiffaney isn't a fish lover but the trooper ordered up some halibut & chips and said it was great. This place is one of a kind and I was soooo glad to eat there this trip. We had fantastic, glorious sunny weather for a meal on the dock. I heart fish tacos and sunshine!!

After stuffing myself beyond oblivion, we walked around a bit, then Tiff and I left Mikey and raced off to meet another girlfriend for coffee. Marie-Claude is a Halifax transplant....she was our neighbor but her hubby is also Navy and they were transferred here to Victoria just this past January. We had a fun hour long visit with her and her two little boys...Gabriel (4) and Nicolas (2 1/2). Plus, she pregnant with another boy!!

Then the craziness began! :)

We rushed back here to Tiff's to get all girlied up and then headed to our favorite local pub for drinks and the Canucks game. So fun to be home with the local hockey fans!! (even if the Canucks did bugger up and lose the damn game seals their fate....eeeeek) We of course indulged in some Strongbow that I can get it on tap here!! and then maybe more, and more, and a "bottle cap" shooter....and more Strongbow. ;) Mikey and his fiance Angela met up with us for the game, then my friend Kristoff came part way through, and his girlfriend Nicole joined us when she got off work. There were nachos in there somewhere, but they were before I was drunk and I still used the side-plate method. I put my handful of chips and some sour cream and salsa on my plate so I wouldn't girl! haha :)

There was dancing and fun with the local band. We even met a couple of nice guys that could actually dance...always a good time to be spun around and dipped by someone that has rhythm (because I sooooo don't!!)

At the end of the evening it was down to just me and Tiff so we sloshed out cider ladened bodies out the door and got a cab home. Lots of water and some chitchat later and I was out like a light. By the time I put my head on the pillow I had been awake for 24 hours.

**pictures to be added later tonight....I have to hit the road for my Mom's house shortly and must eat and caffeinate first! Stay tuned. Pin It


Amber said...

We *almost* bought Canucks tickets off of ebay for the game last night! So glad we didn't waste our money!

Sounds like you're having a fabulous time!!!

tash said...

I'm glad you are having a great trip!

Heather said...

Sounds like a great start to your trip!!! :D

Angie All The Way said...

Sounds so fun! Yay!