Monday, May 25, 2009

A Man in Uniform

Ha!  What a good way to start the day! I opened my email and found a slew of comment notifications about my man in his uniform.  I so totally knew that it would elicit so much more response than food porn.  Thanks girls!!

For those of you that asked if he’ll wear it at the wedding…as far as I know, yes.  He actually has another dress uniform called a “mess kit” that he plans to wear, but apparently it is common to wear one uniform for the ceremony and the other for the reception.  We’ll figure it out when the day comes that we can actually start planning!  (I wonder if that means I can have two dresses?)

So like any loving FH would do, he brought me some fun souvenirs from the Big Apple.  (He actually went to Chinatown and tried to seek out a fake Coach purse for me, but when he found them they still wanted toooo much money.  Booooo.)  So instead I got loot from the Empire State Building.


I asked for the I heart NY shirt…plus he got me the matching hat.  Also a cool Christmas tree ornament and a cute little King Kong magnet.  Stay tuned for the revealing of two fabulous new coffee mugs this week too!  One from NY and one from the Smithsonian.  :)

002 003005 

After his little nap, we decided on snackies and wine instead of a full dinner.  On the plate:  5 year old white cheddar, mini Bretons, Mary’s organic crackers (more on these at a later date), strawberry tomatoes halved & drizzled with EVOO and s&p, a few grapes, leftover veggies from girl’s night and a dollop of hummus.

012010006  008     

On the side: PC Organics new BBQ potato chips, PC Organics milk chocolate, sundried tomato lean turkey sausages which I chopped and baked in the oven (this was an excellent idea!).

014 013011

So nice to have him home to share my evening!  I get so used to being here on my own, but after six weeks it’s great to have my warm man to cuddle up to!

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Jen said...

Aw, that sounds like such a fantastic evening!!!

(I would TOTALLY vote for 2 dresses for you!!!)

Lynn said...

I love swag :)

And definitely 2 dresses!!

What a great idea for the sausages, good portion control too!

eurydice said...

oooh you are so lucky to marry a man in a uniform. le sigh.

i've had those crackers and i think they taste a little too healthy for my liking.