Friday, May 08, 2009

Manicures and Laptops

Well, I'm a thousand bucks lighter in the wallet but at least now I am calmer. The timing sucks but it will be fun to have a new toy for working on the road.

I chalk this sense of calm up to the time-out I took after shopping.

I rarely get manicures and this was a serious cheer-me-up-now type of situation.

It ate up a good portion of time I could be using for much more important things today, but my sanity needed tending to.

  • non-fat latte: $5
  • french manicure: $30
  • an hour of down time: priceless

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Lainey said...

Sounds relaxing. And your nails look great!

Cat_82 said...

Poor muffin. You DESERVED that manicure!

At least you have a pretty new laptop and pretty new nails right??

Amber said...

You totally deserved that manicure and your nails look great now!!

Jen said...

*sigh* I bet that felt FANTASTIC!!!!

You look GREAT with french nails!!!! Seriously, you have GORGEOUS nails!

Amy said...

Looks great Jaimee!

I swear, we are experiencing the same pain of late.

My screen is about to fall off my lap top!

How do you like your new camera? Dosn't it even just feel better compared to the Nikon? ie- more durable?

Krista "Phoenix" said...

SO pretty! I have to go get my nails done soon too... I'm in desperate need of a fill and fresh polish, just don't have the time!!! GAK!

Lynn said...

Ugh, I hate it when unexpected, expensive purchases come up. What did you end up getting?

Your nails look great, nice to have them done before your trip!!