Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Cute Grandpa

Isn't he cute? 86 and going strong!

Since I knew we were going out for lunch with Grandpa I had a small breakfast. Some coffee in another of Mom's Starbucks mugs (look familiar?!) and a bit of a Starbucks Protein Plate. (I got the pack for free last night...when Starbucks was closing they were giving away the perishable sammiches and stuff.)

I ate a wedge of the multigrain pita & the apples slices with pb and a few grapes. I added half a banana to round it out a bit.

For lunch we were at Smitty's...which I actually hate...and couldn't find anything that sounded good, so landed up ordering a carbfest. Tex Mex Skillet. Seasoned ground beef, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, etc on top of pan fries. I ate most of the top part and left more than half of the potatoes and toast.

Tonight we are going for Thai, so this is a heavy food day!

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Lainey said...

I also hate Smitty's. We call it Shi--er, something else, because we always get sick after we go there. Without fail. Doesn't matter which location.

Julie said...

Your grandpa is cute!! Looks healthy!

I hope you enjoyed your big food day...