Monday, May 04, 2009

Open for the Season

Well, for today at least. I mean the door people!! Geeesh. Don't be dirty. ;)

Since my plans for playing hookey and trotting off to the lawn place didn't seem to be working out, I opted for a little sit on the back deck with my lunch. We haven't even brought out the patio furniture yet because it hasn't really been nice enough consistently to I just dragged a couple of dining chairs out there instead.

I had a little read with Jamie Oliver again, and browsed my camera manual. So much to learn.

Lunch consisted of another big dollop of homemade guacamole with FSTG multigrain chips.

...and some crunchy organic carrots. Look at these skinny-minis!

Finished up with some vanilla Sesame Snaps. Deeelish.

I have also...

- completed lots of work
- cleaned my desk (again!)
- finished the last load of laundry
- taken my vitamins
- started the Greek salad for dinner
- sent out the slew of emails to coordinate plans for my trip to Victoria next week (I leave on Saturday morning!)

Now I'm going to burn through another half hour of work so I can get to the gym by 4:30 and beat the work crowd. :)
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Jennifer said...

I recently just stumbled upon your blog! You are so cute!

I was reading through some of your older posts and see that you microwave eggs. How do you do that?! I mean other than putting them in the microwave. lol. What do you put them in and how long do you do it? Are they gross?

Amy said...

I *almost* bought the same camera as you!

Great minds think (almost) alike! :)

Shirls said...

I have a hard time saying what was more appealing the chairs and sitting in the sun or the food...