Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pictures say a thousand words…

Cuz that’s all I have time for!

No breaky because I got to sleep in until 9am today.  :)  FH drove himself to work at 7am and was home again just after 9am…so he took me to Starbucks for a coffee since our coffee maker is still broken.

Venti mild roast with raw sugar and half & half.


Brought it home and enjoyed as two cups in my fabulous new Rosie the Rivetor mug from FH’s trip to the Smithsonian.  She is soooo empowered!  :)

Big lunch since no breakfast.  Two small ww tortillas filled with leftover chicken & bean mix, fresh spinach, and light herby cream cheese.  Grilled up in the Griddler.


Today was teleconference day so in usual fashion I had a snack to help get me through the 3 hour call.  Grapes & blackberries. Half serving of yummy Liberte coconut yogurt.  PB Nature Valley bar I got from my chiropractor yesterday (which was funny because it’s really loud and crunchy so I had to hold my phone away from my face so no one could hear me).


And now I’m off!

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Angie All The Way said...

I was craving panini-type sammies like made lately. I never though of a bean-chicken-cream cheese combo. Was it yummy? make it again kind of yummy?

eurydice said...

I love your mug!