Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My hopes of getting to bed at a reasonable time last night were dashed a bit by my wonky sleep schedule.  After my yoga session I wound up watching the premiere of The Bachelorette.  I don’t know what it is with me and reality TV lately…I have rarely watched even an episode of any Bachelor or Bachelorettes, but I was right into this.  I found myself yelling at her to pick Juan during the rose ceremony.  What a dork I am!

While watching I had a little snacky-poo of Kashi crackers, carrots stix, and almond butter.  I might have gone back for a small second helping.


This morning I awoke on time to my alarm and actually managed to get up and get my butt to my desk for 9am.  Nice.  My eyes feel bleary but other than that I think I’m doing OK.

Breakfast was coffee and water to start.


Then I decided to pull out this box of Nature’s Path frozen waffles (Flax Plus with figs) I had purchased a while back.  It just seemed like a waffle kind of day!  Toasted up two of them, cut into quarters, drizzled with the teeniest bit of syrup, and served alongside some fresh berries and Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt for dipping.  Deeeeelish!  With another coffee that I didn’t even finish…still craving the water instead.


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For lunch I wanted something simple so I made a turkey sammich.  Two slices of my favorite Sunflower Flax bread with light mayo, mustard, deli turkey, spinach and tomatoes.  Served with carrot stix.

011 012

I am considering going to warm yoga after work, but after so much time off from any workouts I’m a little concerned that it might be too hard on my sissy little lungs.  Sometimes they really get us moving and I find my breathing labored.  A week back on the treadmill building my stamina might be best before I try the class again.  Either way, I’ll be out the door by 5:30pm for a workout of some sort!

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eurydice said...

do you find the waffles filling enough to last you until lunch? what time do you eat breakfast and lunch?

Bec said...

I am a reality tv addict for sure its so bad! Also in reference to your last post I am in LOOOVVVEEE with Jacob Black its a little ridiculous :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Eury...that's the joy of working at home. If I get hungry I can go eat. It's a good question. I actually didn't eat breakfast until like 1030 today, then lunch at 100. I probably would have needed a banana or something to tide me over.

Ha...thanks Bec!! I know I'm not alone with thinking Jacob is way cooler than Edward most of the time. Especially in New Moon.