Thursday, May 07, 2009

Since this is a FOOD blog!

I thought I'd better bring you an actual food post!! Including some photos with the new Canon SD1200 (so far, so much better!).

Dinner: I took that big bowl of chopped veggies I made this afternoon, tossed them with olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic, and s & p and spread them out on a foil lined baking sheet. Topped these with two sundried tomato turkey sausages I had thawed out earlier (you can buy these at Sobey's and they are AWESOME). Baked in a 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes, tossing 1/2 way through. I did put the sausages back in on their own for an extra 5 minutes at the end.

Along with this I was craving some carbs so decided this was a fine time to try out the box of Lundberg Creamy Parmesan Risotto I had in the pantry (haha, I typed panty!). It takes about 20 minutes and requires a bit of stirring to keep it from cooking onto the pot, but other than that pretty easy. Fairly salty, but mixed with everything else it was excellent comfort food.

Served myself a pretty healthy portion of the risotto since I haven't had much in the way of carbs at all lately, along with half the veggies and one sausage. Deeeeeeeeeeeelish.

The best part is that I packed up the leftovers and put them in the freezer and this will be a super easy quickie dinner some night down the I didn't waste any good veggies!
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JocelynMarie said...

mmm this looks so delishous.. I will have to try this out one night :) I have a sobeys near me :)

Jen said...

You are so so awesome! Just like I said!!! None of those wonderful veggies went to waste!!!

Good luck laptop shopping tomorrow girl!!!

Lainey said...

I want to try those sausages now. I tried the Lundberg "Italian Herb" Risotto, and it was terrible! Terrible!

Lynn said...

That risotto is awesome, we have it all the time, yum!