Friday, May 22, 2009


Blue skies and warm weather…now we’re talking!

I woke up to the sun beating on my window and almost cooking me out of bed.  Not necessarily a lovely feeling, but hopefully it’s a sign that Summer has arrived!

In honor of the toasty morning I made another iced coffee with light vanilla soy milk to start off the day.  So refreshing!


Lots to do today so I opted to duplicate yesterday’s breakfast of a Nature’s Path Flax Plus waffle with peanut butter, sliced banana and a drizzle of maple syrup.  I ate this one with my hands instead of a knife and fork.  It’s more fun that way!


Tonight Angie and Lynn are coming over for a girl’s night and a chance to unwind from a hectic week, so I put together a spinach dip to give it some time to marinate and get all yummy.  After dicing and mixing, I wanted a quickie lunch.  I took the leftovers of yesterday’s Greek-ish salad and rolled them up with some hummus in a ww tortilla.  (putting the olives on the side so I won’t break a tooth on the pits!)

004 008

And since I ran out of iced coffee I decided today was the perfect day to crack open this bottle of Santa Cruz Organic Fair Trade Lemon Tea I picked up at Planet Organic a while back.  Tastes like homemade!  (which indicates to me that I should save my money and make my own…but this sure was handy!)

005 007

The rest of the day will be spent cleaning up the work week, tidying the house, and making up the guest beds for the ladies.  We intend to drink a whole lotta wine tonight so a sleepover is a must.  :)

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tash said...

Have fun tonight!

Heather said...

Why do I always get left of invite lists? lol I guess I have to get a car...

Krista "Phoenix" said...