Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

Yaaaieeee!  As forecasted, the sun has appeared.  It’s already about 15+ out there and it’s supposed to get up to 21!  FH is running an errand while I putter in the yard (fighting those nasty dandelions!), then we are off for a waterside walk at Dingle Park!

Last night was great fun.  I put out too much food (as usual) but we didn’t eat dinner so the veggie platter was a good idea. 


I put out a few sweet treats too since I know our friend likes them and they had brought their daughter along too.  (Funny enough, she didn’t even look twice at the candy…what a kid!).


FH bought some new wine so I decided to have a couple of glasses.  I’ve put a slowdown on my drinking for the next few weeks because I still have that empty-hungry feeling going on and my Mom had a good thought that it may be the beginning of an ulcer.  If so, then alcohol and coffee need to be cut back (nooooooo, not coffee!!!).  I’ve been trying to get in to see my doctor to find out for sure, but so far I can’t get in.  I’ll try again on Monday.

Anyone have experience with a mild ulcer?


Our friends also brought a cake over which they won at their daughter’s school Fun Fair.  Does anyone else remember Cake Walks from elementary school?  This totally brought back memories of my best friend and I trying to make a fun cake on our own.  We baked a cake in an angle food pan, then stuck a Barbie in the middle to make it look like she was wearing a big, poofy dress.  Of course, we were like 10 years old and had no idea how to make icing.  We basically mixed milk and icing sugar…so Barbie’s dress was more “glazed” than “frosted”.  :)

042 043

This cake was just a white layer cake with Betty Crocker frosting and sprinkles…which had started to slide due to being moved around a lot.  But like we said, it doesn’t matter what cake looks like…it still tastes like cake!

OK, that’s enough computer on this SUNNY SUNDAY.  See you later!

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Vanessa said...

Food looks great! I hope you don't have an ulcer. That would suck.

skinny me! said...

Hey, I just started to read your blog. Very inspired by how healthy you are! Love the food pics!

Lainey said...

Hmmm, I hope you don't have an ulcer, too. When I was 10, they thought I had an ulcer, but it was actually IBS. The doctor gave me terrible-tasting medicine, and I couldn't eat anything that tasted any good for six whole months, but I did get better! (Oh yeah--and aspirin. If you think you are prone to ulcers, don't take aspirin. Ever).

Angie All The Way said...

Hmmm, I have no experience with ulcers (thankfully). Are you having any pain?

What a great spread you guys had! You're a great hostess! My turn when we get settled into our new place :-)

Jen said...

I agree, you can't judge a cake by it's slidiness!!!

It looks super tasty to me!!!

Lex said...

I have been making cakes for 4 months now and all but one have been slidey and yup they all TASTE LIKE CAKE - even my broken heart cake!
it's still fun making them purrdy tho -and the slideyness adds a little charisma or something... yes it does! :)