Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Team Jacob

The release of the new New Moon poster on Facebook today reminded me of a fairly exciting moment in Vancouver last week. 

 New Moon

Tiffaney:  “wouldn’t it be cool if we ran into the Twilight cast while we are in Vancouver since they are still filming New Moon?”

Me:  “you are hilarious!”

On Friday while walking up Robson Street in Vancouver with Tiffaney, she veered in front of me and started speed walking up the street going “Oh my God, do you know who that is?”.   Confused because I could only see the back of some guy’s head my answer was obviously “no”.  Well, wouldn’t you know it…it was Taylor Lautner…aka Jacob!

She had noticed some people stopped right on the sidewalk taking a photo and wondered why because it wasn’t a nice spot or anything, and just as she realized who it was they finished and he took off down the street.  I only saw him for about 100 feet, then he hopped in a waiting car and was gone.

So no photos of our own, but it was pretty funny.  She called her 19 year old sister to tell her and all I could here was her voice through the phone screaming “Oh my God, Oh my God!”. 

Apparently now we’ve been Twilighted


FYI:  I’d take Jacob over Edward any day.  :)

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Cat_82 said...

That's so funny because I see famous people all the time, but I never know who they are until someone points it out to me....

I don't recognize anyone....I was having drinks in Yaletown sitting at the next bar stool to Wesley Snipes and I had NO idea it was him.....

You were like a block away from me on Friday (I work on Robson and Cambie...) :(

Jen said...

*laughs* that is too funny!!!!

During the first and last books I would have totally disagreed with your last statement...however, because of the 2nd and 3rd...I have to COMPLETELY agree!!!

BTW : 22 DAYS!!! WOOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol you are funny.

i can't believe you like jacob over edward tho.

eurydice said...

jacob is hawt! but edward is hotter. you are lucky to see him though. i'd take jacob over a kick in the pants anyday.