Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Look at this! 

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When I went to set up the coffee pot last night the button for the basket thingy was stuck so I gave it a little tug and a piece of plastic went flying off.  A very important piece of plastic!  Snapped right off.  Boooo.  It’s the little catch that keeps the basket closed for brewing.

I’ll be on the hunt for Crazy Glue tomorrow because it should be easy to fix (I hope!).  Until then I’m buying my coffee.

Needless to say, after the gym this morning I got a Venti coffee from S’Bux, but brought it home to enjoy as two servings in my fabulous new Empire State Building mug.  Sweeeet.  The coffee mug collection was screaming for something new! C’est tres cool, no?


It must be the whole early morning workout thing that is causing this crazy hungry feeling because it still hasn’t gone away, but my tummy is feeling totally normal today.  I tried a more filling breakfast today, but it still didn’t really do the trick.


In the bowl:  a small vanilla yogurt I grabbed at Starbucks, raw oats, strawberries, 1/2 banana, chopped almonds, and a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips (genius idea!)


I was back an hour later for my second coffee and a couple of tiny baguette pieces topped with light herby cream cheese and chopped walnuts.

021 022    

Then lunch:  1/2 leftover sausage dog from last night…today with some melted light cheddar & mustard.  Served with a bigass tossed salad to which I added 1/2 cup chickpeas for extra fibre and protein (was hoping it would help squash this hungry issue).


Lunchtime dessert:  a individual pack of Late July peanut butter sammich crackers…yummy in my tummy…but still not full!



Today shouldn’t have been a normal workout day but due to FH’s weird course schedule and lack of road-ready vehicle at the moment, I went today instead of tomorrow.  So I changed things up a bit so as to not strain myself.

Treadmill: 20 minute incline walk…starting at 3mph, working up to 4mph, then back down again.  Varying inclines between 5-10%.  3 minute cooldown without incline.

Lower Body:  2 sets of 15

- stationary lunges with 2 x 8lb dumbbells

- squats on upsidedown bosu

- hamstring curls on the ball

- 1 full set of Eurydice’s bum exercises

Core:  took it easy today as my back was still feeling yesterday’s workout

- 2 x side plank (1 minute each side)

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JavaChick said...

Injured coffee pot! Tragic indeed. Hope you can fix it.

Heather said...

Oh no! Tragedy indeed...worthy of a Shakespearean Siloquey for sure!

"Thou foul gadget that twix't thy cup that coffee pour'th...appox on thee! Appox!

God I can't wait to be done Shakespeare! Gah! lol

Julie said...

Crappy! I hope you find crazy glue to fix it.

cali said...

i think it's morning workouts that are making you extra hungry!

marie said...

Dude - I would DIE if my coffee maker did that to me. But that is why I have a press as a backup. Get one. NOW!!!

I have city mugs from all over North America and parts of Europe and Asia. Since you're a Starbucks whore like me, you should DEFINITELY start a collection. They're SUPER cool. My friend just brought me back one from wales. LURVE IT.