Saturday, May 23, 2009

Workin’ Hard

Considering that I had no significant plans for today, it wound up very productive. Thanks mainly to another beautiful day, a handy neighbor, and a desire to be active.

After posting this morning I made myself a pineapple spritzer (pineapple juice and seltzer) and sat on the front porch reading in the sun for a bit. Eventually the bug for coffee hit me so I took myself out to Starbucks for an iced coffee with skim milk (note: these are supposed to be sweetened with their classic syrup, but mine wasn’t…what a shock taking a big swig expecting sweet and getting bitter!)

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I perused a few garden centers while I was out. I literally pass five on the way to Starbucks. No one really has much in the way of annual bedding plants yet…I’m holding out for impatiens for my planters, but I did get two lovely hanging baskets for the front porch. Purple Calibrachoa…which look like tiny petunias to me!


I brought my iced coffee home (to add sugar!) and made lunch. Turkey and avocado wrap with chips and salsa. Deeeeelish.


In the tortilla: light mayo, grainy mustard, deli turkey, avocado slices and grated light cheddar.


Still wanting to tackle the weed wasteland that is our lawn I asked my neighbor if I could borrow their mower until FH gets a chance to look at ours when he gets home. She suggested her hubby have a look a mine, so I took them up on that. After a few minutes poking around and several pulls on the rip cord, he got it to start! He didn’t do anything different than I was doing, so his guess is that there was some old gas in the line that just needed to be flushed out. Nice!

This was awesome because I was then able to tackle the dead spots on the front yard like I had wanted to early in the week. Three bags of lawn soil and I could have used at least three more…but I raked it out carefully, sprinkled with a ton of new grass seed, raked a little more, and watered it carefully. My new pet project will be to watch and see if it works!


The back yard is a huge task, so that will definitely be a Summer-long project for FH and I to worry about a little later.

Three hours out in the sun made me a little hungry so I came in for a bowl of Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt with a handful of Organic Daybreak and some of the leftover fruit from last night. This gave me enough energy to change my clothes and head to the gym.


Run + full body strength training…

Treadmill: 2 minute warm up, 18 minute run, 3 minute cooldown

Upper Body: 2 sets of 12 reps (I upped my weights and went for fewer reps today)

- Tricep pulldowns (17.5lbs)

- Bicep curls (30lbs)

- Military presses (30lbs)

Lower Body: 2 sets of 12 reps

- squats on upside-down bosu

- stationary lunges with 2 x 10lb weights (each leg)

- hamstring curls on the ball


- 30 regular crunches

- 30 bicycle crunches

- 30 reverse crunches

- 30 second plank

- a few yoga stretches for my lower back, legs, etc

When I got home I walked up the block to get the mail, then came in and immediately made dinner. Stuffed a chicken breast with a smear of light herby cream cheese and leftover spinach and sprinkled it with s&p and fresh parmesan and baked it in the oven.


Served with a simple tomato salad (just added a smidge of minced red onion, a little EVOO, sea salt and ground pepper to a whole chopped tomato), fiddleheads, and two mini slices of baguette leftover from last night (thanks Lynn!).


All that has led to this crazy long post and now I’m zonked. I just got out of the shower and plan to give myself a little mud mask action before relaxing with a cup of tea and a few more Butterfly cookies. It will be a reasonably early bedtime tonight so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow….because FH IS HOME TOMORROW!! Weeeeeeeee!!

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Bee said...

Nice job on staying away from the classic syrup! So many empty calories!
Try your iced coffee with Sugarfree Vanilla, or sugar free makes it mighty delicious.
Or, if you really like sugar in your coffee, I just get one pump of classic and it takes away a lot of the bitterness.

I'm a walking Starbucks billboard apparently...Not really, however, I am a Starbucks store manager..hah There's lots of options to make your iced coffee delicious. Maybe even ask them to put a half scoop of sugar in there for you?

Angie All The Way said...

What a great day you had! I keep dreaming up all the landscaping and garden possibilities for me to come ;-)

I've never had fiddleheads before and want to try them.

Good luck with the grass growing!