Friday, June 26, 2009

Avocados aren’t scary!

The last time I made guacamole a lot of comments and questions about how to cut an avocado came up.  I promised a tutorial but then didn’t buy avocados for a while.  Oooooops, sorry.  So here it is now!

How to prepare an avocado:

Slice your avocado in half by running a sharp knife all the way around it lengthwise:


Twist the two halves apart:


Whack the pit with your sharp knife, then lightly twist to pop it out:


Use the tip of your knife to cut either slices or cubes into the flesh while it’s still in the skin:


Run a big spoon under the edges all the way around the flesh to separate it from the skin:


That’s it.  Easy peasy. 


I turned mine into my (self proclaimed) world famous guacamole.  ;)  Extra lime!


Which I then used as a topper for these delicious Turkey & Black Bean burgers


Served on ciabatta bread with tomato slices… mixed green salad on the side.

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Check out the height on this bad boy!  I ended up eating it open-faced and ditched the top half of the “bun”.  The guac with the burgers was a flavor explosion made in heaven.  Seriously people…try these.  I’m so excited for leftovers tomorrow!!!

Tonight we are off to see Star Trek at the theatre.  I’m looking forward to either a kids pack or some frozen yogurt*runs off to check online nutritionals for TCBY*  :)

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Anonymous said...

So your guac is famous, and Amy did a post today on her famous guac. Well, mine is famous too! I think we should do a "guac off" at the next blogger get together on Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at Star Trek! We're going to see Transformers!


Kelly said...

I wish I would have seen a post like this the first time I had an avocado. It got so messy! Definitely learned the hard way ;) I will be trying your famous guac out!! :D

Angie All The Way said...

Um, that friggin burger looks DE----LISH!!!!!!!

Amie said... the onion and jalapeno in your guac! And the edamame from Amy's...I have a new experiment for the weekend :) ANd, a good idea to try it on the sandwich. YUM!

Lainey said...

Let me just say from NOT hold the avocado while you whack it with a knife.

Never mind how I learned that lesson.

Bee said...

i've never eaten an avacado.
yes, i lead a sheltered life.

Jodi said...

looks deilicious! I am starving as i type! I am definitely going to try making some guac. this summer! (maybe i will luck out and the kids wont like it and it can be my treat! lol)
Hope the movie was good!

Rachel said...

Mmmmm...we just made guacamole too - just lime, salt a bit of garlic powder and avocado - soooo good. I have ciabatta bread in my fridge...AND blackbean burgers in the freezer - I think I'm going to steal your idea for lunch (but, veggie-style) :)

Zdubb said...

Looks yummy! Is there any special reason you have the pit/seed thing in the guac? Any tips to keep it all from turning brown?

jennifer said...

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- thanks!