Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Girls are Friggin Hot

Friday night we opted for dinner and dancing.  Tasha recommended Bier Markt for drinks and eats, then Devil’s Martini to shake our booties.

We all clean up gooooood.  Hot girls a plenty!!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 240

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 233 

Tasha introduced us to strawberry beer!  Specifically Fruli Strawberry Wheat Ale, which Cat noticed was the perfect choice for us healthy bloggers since according to the menu this beer is low cal and “a great choice for the health conscious”.  :)

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 234 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 241

So many good choices, but I really wanted the glorious fancy poutine so I ordered that and got Angie to help me out.  Admittedly I ate most of it because those were the best cheese curds I’ve ever had!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 243

For my main course, I went with something a little lighter…a pot of mussels.  Tasha recommended the A la Snob (Ieeks, Pernod, tomato concasse & lobster creme) variety, so that’s what I had (Ingmarie…you would LOVE it!).  I can’t imagine a full order… this half order, plus bread was more than enough.  Washed down with a Strongbow…how exciting to get it on tap!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 246Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 245

Dessert was chocolate fondue and another plate of gorgeous cheeses to share.  Drool. 

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 251    Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 250

While we were in the pub (I use the word pub loosely because this place was high end and lovely) game 7 of the Stanley Cup was going on, so by the time we left it was jam packed.  If we’d been looking for men this would have been the place to stay! 

Instead, we hit the club for some dancing and drinks.

One scary cab ride later…ending with him just pointing at some alley and telling us to get out…we found our club (at the end of the not-so-scary-after-all alley). 

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 278

There was dancing, drinking, and giggling.  Shout out to Tasha for totally rocking out even though she felt like death.  Props to Cat for working that fan over her own personal dance floor…and to Amy for leaving me a picture of her cleavage on my camera.  :)

Another highlight for me was finally getting to meet a long lost friend who lives in TO.  Philly and I used to talk on the phone for work every day and quickly became good friends…but never actually met until now.  How appropriate to meet him at the same time as my fabulous blog girlies!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 260


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Anonymous said...

Aww you gals looked amazing!!

Amy said...

...nice red bra Amy.


Lex said...

VA-VA-VOOM! Everyone looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing to see pics with you all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and omg
the food choices
daaaaaayummmnnn they sounded delish!

I heart Strongbow any way I can get it!!

Jen said...

YOU are hot!!! I love the pics!!!!

I wish I could get the strawberry beer ALL the time!!! SOOOOO good!

Jen said...

Oh and we all TOTALLY knew about your secret picture from Amy!!!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

You girls are HOT! Looks like an awesome night!

Fatinah said...

ugh - I'm so jealous about you guys getting together that I was dreaming about meeting bloggers last night, except in my dream I didn't know anyone's name!!

Looks like you all had just the best time!

H-woman said...

Fruli and Strongbow (and Rock Creek cider by Big Rock) all occupy a spot in my fridge!

What a fun night!

H =)

Cat_82 said...

Such a fun night!!

Glad that photo was taken at the end of the night after I'd ruined myself in the fan for two hours..... lol

Angie All The Way said...

Hey I thought I was the only lucky one to get Amy's breasts on my camera?!?!?! :-P

*sigh* What a GREAT night that was!