Monday, June 08, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

So because of my two appointments today I am working this evening to make up some lost time.  Earlier today I let FH know that I wasn’t going to be making a planned dinner, so it would probably be easiest if he just ate whenever he was hungry instead of waiting for me.

Well, as it turned out I was home and we could have eaten dinner together but in typical boy fashion he ordered a pizza!  Fridge and pantry full of food…but there’s “nothing to eat”.  ie: he ate the last can of mushroom soup yesterday.  LOL.  Really, this is only funny because I know that he’ll probably eat pizza all weekend while I’m gone to Toronto.  Ah well.  Boys!

I did enjoy one slice of his pie though.  I LOVE me some thin crust, so even though he thought the pizza was only so-so, I thought it was tasty!  Crisp, lightly cheesy, and barely any sauce…just the way I like it.  Served it with an amazing salad.

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Convenient for me, FH wasn’t interested in salad with his meaty meaty pizza so I was able to throw together a combination I enjoy without having to worry about whether he would like it or not.

In the big bowl: chopped romaine, English cuke, strawberries, drizzle honey, big drizzle EVOO, herby goat cheese, sprinkle of walnut pieces, and the piece de resistance: fresh basil.  Deeeee-freaking-lish. 


Working backwards…for a quick lunch I had leftovers I found in the fridge.  A dish of salad from last night’s dinner, and half a ham & cheese sammich from the Relay


On my way out the door I stuffed a container of chopped kiwis in my purse, which I enjoyed in the car after my hair appointment.


I’m feeling wickedly silly for not accomodating a gym trip into today’s hectic schedule, so I’m off for a quick bit of yoga and some ab work.  Then another movie on the couch with FH…I can’t remember which one though!

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Bec said...

bah yes my dad and I go eat out whenever my mom isnt home for dinner and at the same place to due to limited dinning options in our area, sometimes several nights in a row! Have a good weekend in TO, are you Canadian too????

Lynn said...

Haha about the pizza. Our cupboards are usually pretty full, but with food that takes a bit of prep work and J usually says we have "nothing to eat" when there's plenty of food. Gah. Men! :)

I LOVE strawberries in my salad, mmm mmm! I've never tried honey though, think I will soon.

Espressomama said...

Haha, as my DH says, there was nothing instantly gratifying (and he does his share of the cooking, too). It is my teenager that prefers instant meals because he is too busy to stop and cook something.

eurydice said...

i love making a salad for just me because i add so much yummy stuff like you - the bf likes plain and boring - no fruits no nuts... nothing good!