Friday, June 05, 2009

Compromises and Harassment :)

Hi all! Busy morning so I'm stockpiling my food porn until a post later today. Think you can hold out until then? :)

I was awoken this morning by the phone ringing...which led to a very long voicemail message that I couldn't quite make out from my cozy place up in the bedroom. Curiousity (and the fact that I had been snoozing through my alarm for at least 20 minutes) got me up and down the stairs to find out what the message was.

It was the Security Department from my bank! Gah. Stupid debit card has been compromised somehow (something about being used at a place of business that is currently being investigated for fraud or card copying!! eeeek!) and I had to call in to find out what to do. Funny enough, it was just an automated answering service telling me to go to my nearest branch and get a new card. Annoying but I'm glad they are on top of these things!

FH had to (finally!) take his car in for provincial inspection today (his expired while he was at sea, which is why we've been sharing my car) so I followed him to drop that off and then we hit up my bank. Lady there said my card hadn't been frozen yet, or marked as "hot" in their system so this was more of a precautionary thing than anything. Fine with me...I'm going to get a fancy new "chipped" card in a week or so and this forced me to change my PIN which is a good thing to do once in a while anyway.

So that set me behind a bit on my work for the day, but I'm busting through it as fast as I can so I can beg off early to finish getting ready for the exciting night of Relay for Life! Just finishing up the laundry now so I can have a couple of fresh pairs of comfy pants, then I'll pack up my overnight bag, make the sammiches, load the car, and be off!

I just want to thank everyone again for your AMAZING support during these last couple of days of fundraising. Truly fantastic! I am personally at $1085 right now, and I know I have at least one more pledge coming. Our team has bumped our goal from $1500 to $2000 and we only need a couple more hundred dollars to do one more day of harassment for donations before the big Relay tonight! So if you haven't done it already, and you want to help our tiny team of only 6 participants bring in $2000 then please visit the link on the side ---> and offer up a donation.

And now, back to work!
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Anonymous said...

That has happened at least 5 times to me too. I don't mind, better than having $$ taken from my account. :)

Angie All The Way said...

I hate when I hear of that stuff! What is WRONG with people!!!

Jen said...

That is creepy about the bank card!!!

I like that they are making a new card with a chip in it though!!! It's ridiculous that people try to hack accounts for a living...GET A REAL JOB!!!! At least it was before anything happened though!!! (And that they didn't access your TO funds!!)