Friday, June 26, 2009

A Confession, a Mini Monster, and random Friday morning musings…

See this…ya, this WHOLE BAG of yogurt and green onion Kettle Chips.  See how it’s empty.  Ya, that was me.  Two nights, one whole bag.  Awesome.  Not.


But they sure were tasty!  tee-hee.

This morning I felt groggy and really wanted a Green Monster, but was kind of craving toast & pb too, so decided on a Mini Monster instead of a mugfull.

Today’s blend:  1/2 tiny overripe banana, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, 2 tbsp vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 1 handful spinach/arugula mix.  (forgot the flax!)


With a piece of sunflower flax toast smeared with organic crunchy PB and berry jam.


After breakfast and some important morning work, I took myself out to run some errands.  I just love days where I’m ahead of the game so I can go out for an hour and feel refreshed to work the afternoon.  I got my prescription refilled, my mailing done, items dropped off for donation, checked the hours of the clinic I need to stop at, filled my gas tank, and got a few groceries for dinner.  Oh and a Starbucks stop of course.  :)

Iced Grande Vanilla Non Fat Americano Misto:


Did you know that Alesse birth control comes in generic now?  Nice.  Saved $20+ on my three month stock up.  Yes, I know you are all riveted to know that.


Couldn’t resist the cherries as I passed by them today.  Yes, those are in a vase…if I can put a Green Monster in a martini glass, I can keep cherries in a vase!  LOL.  FH is probably wondering WTF. 

007 009

For lunch I couldn’t resist following Lynn and making a wrap with the last of my herby cream cheese.  Small ww tortilla stacked with deli turkey, matchstick carrots, spinach/arugula & tomatoes.  Served with cuke slices and cherries!

010 011 014

There will be a whole lotta English cucumber this week since the store had them 2 for 1, and FH doesn’t eat cucumber.  Good thing it’s one of my faves!

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Kelly said...

That wrap looks delicious! And I love that you put the cherries in a vase. Very creative! :)

Sharper said...

What a creative and healthy meal! I bet that was nummy!

I <3 Cucumbers

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a Mini Monster, still get a great dose of nutrients!

The cherries look so posh in the vase ;) hehe

Crystal (Bye Bye Fat Pants) said...

I just found out that my BC pills come in a generic brand too, I was so excited because my benefits will cover the generic brand, so I only have to pay $10 for 3 months worth :)

Your lunch looks delicious!!

Lainey said...

I love the cherries in a jar! Cute!

Hmmm, I wonder if Yasmin comes in generic?

Lex said...

Mmmm nummy those cherries look delish! I haven't bought any this year yet but I'm going to have to GET ON IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Lainey, Yasmin does come in a generic, it's called Yaz. They're finally coming out with generics for birth control!

BTW, I'm a pharmacy tech, not some weirdo who knows all about generic birth controls. LOL