Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Disappointing Workout

Ever try to get seven woman to plan something?  HILARIOUS!  We have two Facebook email threads plus a Group wall going and we still can’t decide where to go dancing on a Friday night in Toronto.  But we sure are funny!

This morning FH was back to work on his ship (it’s a good thing I’m sick of ranting about the Navy because poor FH really got burned on this course he just took), so I was up early to drive him and hit the gym. 

Worst. Run. Ever.

OK, not EVER…but in recent history at least.  I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I just could not muster up the energy for more than 3 minutes at a time.  It’s super frustrating that no matter how much I practice or how often I go or how hard I try, I just don’t really ever seem to get much better.  My lung capacity sucks and hasn’t shown any signs of improving…meh.

I still got through 1.62 miles though… that’s only about .10 less than I normally do. (2 minute warmup, 18 minute intervals, 3 minute cooldown)

For a Wednesday morning the weight area was really busy today.  The gym itself wasn’t overly busy, but the area I needed was extra popular…couldn’t get the tricep machine, couldn’t get the 25lb barbell, couldn’t get a good spot in front of mirror.  Weird.  So I settled in on a mat and got some extra core work in instead.

30 regular crunches

30 reverse crunches

30 bicycle crunches

30 side to side twists

2 x 1 minute plank (one on elbows, one on hands)

2 x 30 second side planks (one each side)


Thankfully my Pink Smoothie cheered me up!

I did have to supplement that smoothie with a piece of toast and peanut butter, along with my coffee though.  The holding power wasn’t great, but that could be because of my workout (such as it was).


For lunch I decided it was time to put more of the bread products in our fridge to use, and made a turkey and hummus sammich on a leftover deli style hot dog bun.  In the bun: organic hummus, matchstick carrots, red onion, tomato, deli turkey, and grainy dijon. 


With a side plate of raw veggies, white cheddar, and pickles.


Now to prepare for the weekly neverending conference call!

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Randi said...

If you ever get a chance to read a "real" athlete's training schedule I recommend it. Like somebody training for the Olympics or something. If they just "aren't feeling it" it's not pushed, but rather investigated. If it's your motivation that's lagging, maybe you're overtraining, need a day off, not doing something that's fun etc. If it's your body, maybe you didn't eat properly for what you're trying, maybe you're sick, maybe overtrained again, maybe it's too soon after your last workout, maybe this one isn't what you're ready for. I wouldn't get mad, just investigate the reasons.

Think about it this way, athletes only peak once, the rest of the time they're not doing the best they're capable. you're only training now, not peaking. ;)

Jen said...

I LOVE Randi's comment there!!! Like SERIOUSLY love it!!!! I think that is one of the best comments ever!!!!

Anyhoo, I think I am going to step out of the planning and "go with the flow" - just because I am pretty easy and, like I said, I am just happy as long as I can dance!!! :) That way it's one less opinion, because it IS hard to choose!!! Maybe we should put it to a vote??? Put a list, this is what we want:
- jeans without feeling like hobos
- ability to shake ones booty without getting thrown out for defiling tables

and then choose the most suited place!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Randi's got an awesome suggestion there. I think I'm going to steal her advice for myself ;)

Angie All The Way said...

Damn my wireless crapped out on me when I tried to comment last time!

I like what Randi said!

Here's what I experienced with the cardio/running situation: I was you and was doing roughly 20 mins max because, well, it sucked and wasn't enjoyable. Plain and simple. Then somehow through the helping hand of it must have been GOD, I pushed passed it and realized that it actually took that long for my body to "warm up" and get into a better manageable stride. And it's not until I pushed passed that point that I reeped the benefits of the adrenaline rush that made it all worth it!

Keep at it J, you've already improved so much and it's just the beginning!

P.S. I am laughing so hard at Jen's comment. I seriously cannot read our threads if anyone's around and I'm not "supposed" to be on FB cause I BUST A GUT!

eurydice said...

i think you might find it easier to improve if you ran outside. i still find it VERY VERY hard to run 30 minutes on a treadmill, but outside i can go for 55-60 no problem.