Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Connected & Sitting in the Sun

Man, there is a lot of social networking and other internet related stuff going on lately.  I keep finding new and fabulous things for use with my blog that are keeping me quite distracted!

Today’s new feature:  Twitter!  I officially signed up and added a widget over there ---> so you all can follow me if you like.  I’ll follow you too, cuz I’m a dork that loves new toys to play with!  Look for me @balanceblog.

I slept in this morning because I was counting on FH to wake me up for his ride to work, but I guess he was driving himself today and I didn’t know it.  Consequently I didn’t set my alarm, and didn’t wake up when he left…leading me to a glorious 10am wakey wakey.  oooops.  Must have needed it.

Decided that since I wasn’t going to need a huge breakfast it was  time for a Green Monster.


In this batch:  old standbys:  1/2 very ripe banana, 4 big strawberries, 1 tbsp almond butter, 2 heaping teaspoons flax meal, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, and two big handfuls of spinach & arugula.

Ya, I thought the arugula might ruin it (I only had a mixed box on hand) but it tasted just fine.  Cool, creamy and refreshing!

After powering through some work, it was time for lunch.  Today I decided to make the turkey sammich that I avoided yesterday.  Kept it simple with just some light cheddar in there…only a half sammich.  Together with baby carrots and the last two pickles (nooooooo!).


As a side dish I thought I’d try out one of the new cottage cheeses I bought this week.  Meh.  I must be picky about cottage cheese because every variety I have tried since moving to Halifax does nothing for me.  I only like Dairyland.  I rescued this one with some sliced strawberries and a healthy drizzle of honey.  (too bad I have three more of these containers to use up!)


Work is much more reasonable today.  I guess all the late working I’ve done the last couple of days was worthwhile because I don’t have any backlog today and it’s pretty quiet on the sales team front. *knock wood*…so I decided I had time to take my afternoon snack outside.  The beautiful sun has finally decided to grace us with it’s presence after a whole week of grey, blah skies.


My pedicure is still holding up (just barely) from two weeks ago!  Enjoyed the sun with an On The Glow Granola Bar and some grapes (candy!).  Now I’m just psyching myself up to be energetic out at the sand pit for Day Two of Booty Camp!

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Cat_82 said...

Look at those legs!! Hottie McHotterson!!

I can't eat cottage cheese...don't know why but I've never like it. I need to try mixing it with things i think....

Have a great time tonight with the girls!!

Miss u

Anonymous said...

Have fun tonight!

Kelly said...

I've never been able to eat cottage cheese. I just can't stand the stuff for some reason :-/

That "Green Monster" looks interesting. I've heard of a lot of people making spinach smoothies, but I've never tried it myself. I think It's about time I tried it out myself :D

Kelly said...

Love the sitting in the sun with pretty toes and healthy snack. :)

Have fun at camp!! Get that booty movin.

Abbey Shaw said...

How do you make your green monsters? Is it different every time?
What are the staple ingredients?


Lex said...

YEP! Gotta love Dairyland!!

SO jealous that you got to enjoy the nice hot sun!!! you look sooooo chillin!!!