Monday, June 08, 2009

Good News, Bad News

I always like to get the bad news first, so the good news can cheer me up!

This morning I finally got in to see my family doctor.  She confirmed my suspicions that my constant empty-hungry feeling sounds like the symptom of a mild ulcer.  She gave me a prescription for losec, telling me to take it for four weeks then see her again to revisit my symptoms.  She seems confident that because I’m not experiencing any pain, heartburn, or acid reflux the medication will likely take care of it.  This goes along with what I have read online so I was happy to hear it.  As a backup she is also sending me for a blood test to check my iron because in some cases the ulcer could potentially be bleeding and I wouldn’t even know it.  Eeek.  I’ll be doing that as soon as I return from Toronto.

Worst news EVER:  Caffeine can agrevate this silly ulcer.  So my doc recommended I try to take it easy on the coffee.  One per day.  Hmmmmm…we shall see. :(

In happier news, I found a cute dress for Friday night in the big city!  My doctor is located in a mall I don’t normally frequent because it is out of the way, but after my appointment I decided to wander through just to see what they had to offer.  I saw a few cute dresses in the window of Le Chateau, but found a much nicer store right across the way where I had the most helpful sales girl ever!  I had picked out a dress I liked but they didn’t have my size…then she came over with the same dress in a MUCH better color and in my size!  It was fate.  I tried on several other dresses, but came back to the first one.  Love it!

Sneak Peek:


Aside from maybe some new jewellry and maybe some new sunglasses (I HATE sunglass shopping, but I noticed a fairly significant crack in mine today) I’m all ready for the big trip!

Breakfast was on the run in the car this morning…a banana on the way to the doctor.


A Coconut Cream Pie Larabar to accompany my Iced Americano with non-fat milk and classic syrup on the ride home. (Ha!  Immediately following doctor’s orders to take it easy on the coffee!)


(Yes, I got a mini stockpile of Coconut Cream Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars thanks to a hot tip from Angie.  Woooohoooo!)

When I got home I enjoyed this cute little individual banana bread we received from Cut after our date night Saturday night.  They give these as little thank you gifts when you leave.  So fun!  FH doesn’t like nuts in his baked goods so I got this lovely little treat all to myself.  Deeeeeeeeeelish!


My planning for today was piss-poor.  I forgot I had that appointment this morning until it was too late to squeak in a gym visit beforehand.  And because I missed over an hour of work, and now have a hair appointment causing me to miss another two hours of work…no gym later either.  ooooops.  Sometimes I don’t know where my head is!!

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tash said...

So you are getting "All Dressed Up" for Friday too! LOL I need to step up my game and find a Friday night outfit! I have Saturday all planned out - but I am at a loss for Friday. I can't wait to see your dress!!!

We should just set places for Fri and Sat I think.

What about Devil's Martini Friday and Smooze (sp?) for Saturday?

Heather said...

awww...sorry to hear about the diagnosis (and the caffiene cutback) but it's good to have caught it early enough to treat with some meds :)

I hope you gals have a blat in TO...will be thinking of you while stuck in the library working away at my assignments all

Can't wait to see some pics!

Lynn said...

On dear. One cup of coffee per day?! Hopefully the meds will help though!

Ohh, can't wait to see your dress!!! All Dressed Up has nice dresses, got my prom dress there :)

Jen said...

I am so sorry to hear that about the Ulcer!!! Hopefully the medication will clear it ALL up!! (though it sucks about the coffee!!!)

I can't wait to see your dress!!! I had a dress for Friday night...but I think I might be switching to jeans due to unforeseen "great minds thinking alike" circumstances!!!! *laughs* will fill you in later! But I still have other I might dig in to those!!!

I am going sunglass shopping in TO...but if you need some for Friday, then you might need to grab some before hand!!! There is this cute place called "Spectacle" that has a bunch of fancy sunglasses there...I REALLY want to check it out!!!

Cat_82 said...

I'm so sorry about your poor belly dearest!! I feel the pain of the lack of coffee...I'd be a dragon!

No fair that I can't see your dress.....

I'm wearing jeans/heels/hot top on Friday. All of my current dresses SUCK and I had a hell of a time finding one for Saturday.

2 days!!! YAAY!

Anonymous said...

I know a few people and family members with an ulcer, do treat yourself with kindness, love and respect.