Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Good thing I’ve got cute jammies!

…and good thing I was up early this morning.  We commented last night about how it is garbage day today, but of course neither of us remembered to take it out to the curb before bed.  I was up early this morning to get a head start on work and heard the garbage truck coming up the street.  I ran out there in my jammies and flip-flops just in time!  The truck actually stopped and waited because they saw me run down the driveway.  haha.

Getting up an hour early totally paid off.  I am now all caught up from yesterday and have time for a trip to the gym.  I’m just on my way out for a chiropractor treatment, and will stop for a run and some quick strength training on the way home.  Yaaaieeeee!

Breakfast was a quickie:

Coffeeone sad cup :(

001   Sample box of Multigrain Cheerios (came with the newspaper!) with half a sliced banana and skim milk.


Stoopy says “hi” from under the desk.  :)


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Lynn said...

Hahaha, we do that all the time... never remembering to get it out the night before. Sucks rushing out the door in the AM w/ all your garbage but at least they waited. :)

Bec said...

I always forget too

Angie All The Way said...

Damn girl every time I don't get a chance to check your blog for what seems like a minute, there's like 10 posts to catch up on! lol

Boooo on the ulcer! I hope you won't have a hard time drinking the 294857564 cocktails and beer in TO :-)

You got a pretty dress for Friday? Jealous! I'm bringing a few dresses, but I think Friday will be jeans pour moi because I just got a new BR shirt I'm dying to wear :)

Jen said...

OOH, you totally reminded me that I needed cute jammies (or Jammies period)....I haven't slept in the same room as someone other than my husband for almost 10 years...I need to add that to my "to pick up" list before we go!!! Thanks for reminding me!!!!

Angie, you won't be alone in jeans for Friday!!! I have a kick ass top I need to wear as well!!!!

Lainey said...

Ha ha! I love the mental picture of you running down the driveway to the garbage truck in your jammies! LOL! I bet they see it all the time.

That's neat that you got cereal samples with the paper. I'm all about free food! :o)