Friday, June 19, 2009

Ice Cream-alicious

Last night’s ice cream:


Tonight’s ice cream:


DQ small hot caramel sundae.  First time I’ve ever had this and think it’s my new go-to treat when FH is craving a Blizzard.  I gave up on Blizzards last year because I always get a wicked tummy ache (which is incredibly sad due to my love of the Smarties Blizzard!).


For breakfast today I was craving toast.  Who craves toast?  Weird.  So whole wheat toast with crunchy organic PB and some berry jam it was.  Served with a small dish of Lemon Liberte and a chopped nectarine.


Unfortunately for you all, my lunch has been repeated a few times this week.  Here’s another photo of a ww pita slathered in hummus and topped with chopped tomato…served with sliced cukes.


Some fruit while I sat through another long conference call…cherries & an apricot.


Another couple of pieces of organic coconut chocolate.


For dinner I got FH to grill up a couple of smokies.  I had planned on serving them with salad but when I looked in the fridge I had absolutely nothing to compose a salad with.  Spinach and cukes, but FH doesn’t like cukes…so I opted for some carrot sticks & Riceworks chips and FH was happy with some salted Kettle Chips.  At least I managed a veggie on my plate!


Had him grill me 2 smokies, but only one bun…but was super full after one and my side dishes so didn’t eat the bunless one.


No gym today, but I did work in the yard for a bit.  Pulled lots of weeds, weed whacked, just general tidy up.  Things are really filling in!  If my hostas are this big already, they are going take over by July!!


See, just one month ago this is what the yard/garden looked like:

My butterfly bush is in full glorious bloom too!  This is my favorite…seen from out my kitchen window every day.  :)


As a highlight to my day I won the POM certificate giveaway over at Julie’s blog.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Looking forward to making me some icy POM spritzers soon!  Thanks Julie!

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Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Your yard is looking fantastic!

Lady J said...

I agree, your yard is looking beautiful and I love your Butterfly bush. I have one out in my back '40' and I love it when it starts to bloom!! xoxo

Julie said...

Your yard looks really good!

I am now craving ice cream, thanks alot ;)

Your welcome for the Pom!