Monday, June 29, 2009

Keep the Guest Posts Coming!

Don’t forget!  I’m looking for guest posts for the week I am away with FH.  So far I’ve got about half of what I need, so keep them coming!! 

If you can participate, please email me at  I’m looking for your recipes for “healthy” baked goods.  Muffins, cookies, cakes, whatever.  Something savoury you’d like to share…send it in!  Pictures are appreciated but not necessary.  Write a little blurb about yourself or you blog if you wish.

I have to be ready by Thursday night, so get cracking people!


And now for our regularly scheduled programming…

Isn’t it amazing how a trip to the gym can help chase away those blahs?  I did indeed head off for a workout once I digested my gianormous lunch and it was just what I needed.

Solid 25 minutes interval cardio on the elliptical followed by much core work.  Regular crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, straight leg crunches.  My abs hurt so good!

Took this opportunity for another Operation Beautiful mission.  :)  It was tough to get it done today because the gym was so busy, but I decided the mirrors in the back by the washrooms would be the place for today and I managed to sneak the photo before anyone came out of a stall and caught me.  My heart was pounding!


Followed up with lots of water and a Kashi bar to tide me over until dinner.


Dinner was leftover “heart attack” pizza…about 2/3 of a slice.  I like mine reheated in the oven so I threw some asparagus in to roast at the same time.


Tossed with just EVOO and s&p.  Deeeeelish.

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After dinner we met some friends for dessert at Jack Astor’s.  They were still eating dinner when we arrived, so I just ordered a decaf coffee to drink until they finished.  Their daughter received goldfish crackers in her salad…so cute!


I was hoping FH would share with me, but he wasn’t feeling the desserts.  Thankfully our friend Cosette was down with the dessert so she and I shared the Score Cheesecake…caramelly good!

022 023

This got us home in time to watch some TV from the PVR…True Blood!  I’m an addict.  Sooookie.  Lurve this show.  Now look at me heading to bed by 11pm…holy crap, hasn’t happened in a while!  I’m already thinking about my morning Green Monster

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Lainey said...

Hmmm, the email I sent you with my recipe wasn't quite in the form of a guest post. Oops. Sorry!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I love roasted asparagus! Sooo good.

Is this the trip to Winnipeg?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how much exercise really affects our moods isn't it? I never would've believed it before but it's so true.

The cheesecake looks amazing! Hope you enjoyed every bite!!

Lex said...


oh Bill