Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Blahs

I don’t often get Monday blahs, but today I’m just kinda grumpy and tired.  I even took a 20 minute power snooze to try to snap out of it.  My eyes hurt, my head is fuzzy, and I just feel “meh”.  The super crappy weather doesn’t help.  I think a trip to the gym is in order to get some endorphins pumping.  Yup, as soon as I digest my huge lunch!

Started my morning with some decaf herbal tea (still trying to do weekdays coffee-free…not loving it!) and a simple bowl of yogurt with blueberries & cereal.

Stonyfield Farms organic vanilla yogurt, fresh perfect blueberries, sprinkled with original All Bran (kickin it old school because I don’t want to open a fresh cereal box before our vacation…)


With all the fruit in the house I was craving some for a snack.  Cherries were still delicious…unfortunately this plum was completely tasteless.  Booo to that.


And then my HUGE lunch!  I’ve been waiting for this leftover turkey and black bean mini burger all weekend.  Reheated and topped with light sour cream & salsa.  Served with bigass salad with tortilla toppers, wedge of toasted ciabatta, plus some sliced avocado and tomato drizzled with a squeeze of lime.




In the bigass salad bowl:  mixed lettuces, diced tomatoes, matchstick carrots, minced fresh jalepeno, diced yellow pepper, cucumber, more black beans, salsa & sour cream. 



Now I’m excited for the gym…digest – digest – digest!  :)

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Cat_82 said...

I always have the Monday blahs... I think a trip to the gym is a great idea to get your energy up and revving!

Sorry about the crappy weather....I hate it when everything is wet and gross and dark due to sh*ty weather. Does nothing to lift your mood.

My prescription: After the gym, and after work, get your cozies on, complete with slippers, and wrap yourself in your snuggliest blanket, make a cup of tea, and curl up with a pillow and a good movie with FH....

Lainey said...

It has been a pretty strange year so far, weather-wise. It's okay here (Calgary), but not great. Very windy.

I also woke up feeling crappy this morning, but it went away. Hope the gym helps! And I think Cat's suggestion for later is a good one, too! I think I'll do it!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I'm having a really blah Monday today, too! Not fun. I've been power-cleaning my apartment in order to get out of my funk :P.

Have fun at the gym!

Anonymous said...

What a yummy yummy lunch!!

Lex said...

ugh THIS WEATHER SUXXX!! Damn rain + fog + mugginess!! Makes monday blahs even that much more BLAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Your lunch looked awesome, makes me want a taco salad!

Saw your FB status, glad you're feeling better after the gymbo.

The weather is pretty shitty, the next week is all grey & rainy. Hopefully it's nicer in Winnipeg for your Vacay.