Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Toronto Touristing

Yes, touristing is a word.  :)

Saturday morning we were up fairly early again, knowing we had a lot we wanted to accomplish.  Finishing our bus tour, riding the tour boat, shopping.

First we found a squirrel in a hotel tree…

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 289

We wandered back up the street towards the bus stop looking for a breaky spot.  We saw The Pickle Barrel there so decided on that.  Food was mediocre, service was shit…but such is life.  We had protein and coffee so what more did we really need!

I had scrambled eggs with turkey sausages and cute little hashbrown patties

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 292

More beautiful Toronto sights…

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 300 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 301 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 319 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 320 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 321 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 324

Casa Loma (if we’d had more time I would have liked to actually go in)…

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 304 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 305 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 307 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 310

We hopped back off at the stop by the CN Tower…decided against the boat tour as we had some serious shopping to do!  Wandered around a bit, then saw some naked bicyclists!!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 333

Took a cab to Yorkville for some Starbucks, Whole Foods, and fancy shopping.  And more naked bicyclists

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 337

Double tall non-fat vanilla latte a la Four Seasons.

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 336

At Whole Foods I was told by security that photos weren’t allowed indoors (but after I already captured what I wanted anyway).  We were slightly disappointed in the store as they didn’t carry much of anything we can’t get in Halifax.  Jen was excited to finally find Liberte Coconut yogurt though…and we shared that when we got back to the hotel.  Crack yogurt.

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 339 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 340 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 341 Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 342

Meredith met us here and joined us for the rest of the shopping and dinner out.

Then we hit Bloor Street.  Sensory overload.  So.many.stores.  We kept it simple…Coach, Prada, Louis Vuitton.  haha.  And of course Sephora where I got my first BareMinerals starter kit and some tingly lipgloss.

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 343 

After shopping I was starving so I ate half of my Peanut Butter Larabar while getting ready (the rest was eaten after the bar while sitting on the floor with my laptop at 2:30am!).

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 348

For dinner we had arranged to meet a couple more Toronto gals…Cinemarie, Mousearoo and Eurydice…at The Keg Mansion.  No reservations allowed so we met in the lounge for drinks and appies.  Fancy party dress night!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 350

Cosmo, mojito, mushrooms neptune, and a few bites of someone’s crab & artichoke dip.  Oh and who can resist the Keg bread & butter?  Not me!!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 357   

Everyone is just as cute and lovely in person as you would expect them to be.  More so actually!! So hard to get any quality conversation time, but what we did get was fabulous and left me wanting more!

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 351

Tasha and hubby Tim

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 352

Jen and Amy 

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 353

Angie and Marie

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 354

Eurydice and Cat

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 356

Cat, me, and Meredith

Toronto GTG (June 11-14, 2009) 367

Angie, Amy, Marie, Mere, Cat, Jen, me, Cinemarie, Eurydice

We then said goodbye to our new Toronto friends and hit another club…Shmooze.  The club vibe wasn’t really working for us too much, so we enjoyed the rooftop patio for a bit but when no one was in the mood for more drinking we called it a night.  The gals headed back to the hotel and I hung out with my buddy Philly for another hour or so.  Good times.

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kathrynboland said...

Glad to see you are enjoying Toronto! You take things for granted when you see them everyday.

skinny me! said...

Totally looks like fun!! I need to get in with these Toronto people!! lol I can't miss out next time! You guys are all such an inspiration!

Jen said...

those were some AMAZINGLY good times!!!! Did we not get a picture of the Liberte with the organic spoons??? Danny had to ask what the hell the wooden spoons were for!!!!

Oh and you forgot Chanel...and that it was disappointing!!!

(I will DEFINITELY post tonight...I just don't think I will be posting any pics...I haven't checked FB yet...did you post THE picture for me on there??? That way I can acquire it later!)

Angie All The Way said...

That about sums it up! Although I do have my amazing good Samaritan story to tell and it will be fun for Jen to spill about her fun story too!

Fatinah said...

wow - you girls sure clean up nice - what a pretty bunch of ladies! It is so cool to see you all together like that!

Lainey said...

Wow, was not expecting naked bike riders! LOL! What was that about? Sounds painful!

It's so fun to see photos of your trip! I read most of these people's blogs, so it's like I get to live vicariously through all of you with different perspectives!

Jennifer S said...

Long time lurker...first time poster :P Love your site. Looks like you had a fabulous trip. Excited to hear what you think of BareMinerals, have been pondering this purchase for a while.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

I have to do the cheese shop review at some point too!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Welcome Jennifer! Thanks! It will probably be a couple of weeks before I get to the bareMinerals, but when I do I'll be sure to post. :)

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

GREAT pics! Love the naked cyclists - hahaha!

cinemarie said...

Hi Jaime! I just wanted to say it was lovely meeting you on Saturday! I'm glad I finally found out about your blog - I enjoy reading it already :)