Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Neighbors are Spatting

I can't hear what she's saying but I wonder if she knows that yelling at him over the sound of their lawnmower makes her voice carry up to our window?  It's pretty obvious she's annoyed at him about something!

Ahhhhh suburbia.  Don'tcha just love being only 8 feet away from your neighbors?  :)

So, mid-afternoon the munchies hit...as always when I sit at my desk all day...so I decided to put some of the fresh berries to use.  In the bowl: sliced fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries (perfectly ripe!), the leftover bit of Liberte vanilla yogurt, and half of a crumbled up oatmeal chocolate chip bar.  (OK, you caught me, I ate the other half!)


After work I discovered FH snoozing on the couch so I took that as a sign that he wasn’t waiting around for dinner and used the opportunity to do a session from yogadownload.comDetox Yoga #1.  I thought I had done it before, but during the practice I didn’t recognize it so I guess it was one of the ones I downloaded and never got around to.  I quite enjoyed it, except I’m still terrible at Warrior 3.  I’m trying though!

When I finished FH was awake so I put him to work grilling up some steaks.  He’s in charge of steaks.  :)  Such a guy thing!  I don’t know what he seasons them with, but he always makes them super tasty.  (Veggie-heads close your eyes…red meat photos coming your way!)

To go with the meat I boiled up some more corn on the cob, and prepped a zucchini for grilling.  Easiest meal I’ve made in ages!


Cute little tenderloins…mine was only about 4oz…just perfect pour moi!


A la Amy, I topped my zucchini with herby goat cheese (insert drooling here).  And of course rubbed some real butter on my corn because margarine just doesn’t fly in this situation.  :)

See, he grills the perfect medium-rarish steak!  (I like it soft and pink, but not running juice).


The sun came out again this afternoon and made for a lovely evening so we went for another walk around the neighborhood.  It’s not a big area but there are lots of different routes to walk so I’m happy FH is interested in going with me!  Afterwards I watered my lawn and checked on my little garden.  It’s coming along great!!  The new grass is starting to sprout…I’m very please with myself!

And now a movie with the mister.  He brought me a little treat from the movie store and I’ll happily enjoy a few of these:

027   Cuz when the sugar crash comes, it’ll be bedtime anyway!

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Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Haha, I hate being so close to my neighbors. Can't wait to get out of the city!

Mike and Ikes are my favorite :D

Jen said...

OOOH I want to know how that movie was!!! We have it here and I haven't had a chance to watch it yet!!!

We are pretty close (physically and actually) to our neighbors...we agreed to ignore each other during our "hissy fits"

I ordered a steak medium rare at the Keg a couple of weeks ago...I couldn't believe how good it was (it's a smidge less cooked than my medium rare at home) - I think I will stop there though...I don't want to be eating it straight out of the package!!!!


(oh and by the time you read this - SEVEN DAYS!)

Angie All The Way said...

Hey was it the yard natzi neighbour?

I'm having steak at a friend's house on Saturday and now I can't wait!